Simplanova facilitates Dynamics 365 Business Central migration, development

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ISV Dev Center helps partners meet demand for Business Central

Microsoft created its ISV Development Center program to ensure that its partner ecosystem has access to qualified third-party technical enablement, business process development, and management consulting services that can help partners grow faster, keep up with customer demand, and ensure high levels of customer satisfaction. Simplanova, as one of the newest ISV Dev Centers, is focused on providing these benefits specifically for Dynamics 365 Business Central partners.

“Business Central is the fastest growing Microsoft business application product, so there are many partners looking for help in migrating their customers or solutions to the latest version, doing new implementations, or creating added functionality,” said Domas Zimkus, Head of Sales at Simplanova. “We’ve helped more than 200 partners around the world with our highly specialized upgrade tools and services for Business Central.”

About Simplanova

Simplanova is a Microsoft ISV Development Center that helps partners successfully deliver IP development and migration solutions for Dynamics 365 Business Central to reduce time to market and achieve business goals with greater efficiency.


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Dynamics 365 Business Central

Streamlining migration with expertise and automation

Migration services are one of the key focus areas for Simplanova, which has a dedicated team that supports 50-60 Business Central migrations each year. Because each resource is 100% focused on migration, the team is able to deliver migrations much more efficiently than partners that only do two or three upgrades a year.

I compare the partners we work with to experienced mechanics—they are able to help customers solve any problem they may have—but we are like a specialized
mechanic that only works on gearboxes. If you just need your gearbox fixed, we are going to be more efficient because that is all that we do all day, every day. Our specialized expertise around Business Central migration provides that same level of efficiency.”

Domas Zimkus
Head of Sales, Simplanova

Another reason that Simplanova is a go-to ISV Dev Center for Business Central migration is its development of a broad set of automated migration tools that further streamline the
process. This includes the Simplanova AL Tools platform, which automatically applies fixes, offers suggestions, implements useful developer functions, and provides partners with guidance throughout the process via a cutting-edge chatbot. In many cases, these automated tools can reduce migration time by as much as 50%, and also help eliminate human error.

We started building these tools because we were looking for ways to help our team avoid manual work. We have ended up with a comprehensive set of tools that we not only use to support our migration projects but license to partners who want to handle migration engagements directly.”

Domas Zimkus
Head of Sales, Simplanova

A third reason that partners trust Simplanova for Business Central migration is its fixed price proposals. Simplanova does 200-300 migration evaluations a year and even built an evaluation tool to further automate the process of defining the best path forward for a customer looking to upgrade to the latest version of Business Central.

We created an evaluation tool based on our best practices while working on migration projects. This tool precisely estimates how much time our team will spend on each upgrade step
and, additionally, it prepares the analysis regarding functionality that cannot be migrated ‘as is’ and might require refactoring, so we can inform the customer of any additional work required.

Domas Zimkus
Head of Sales, Simplanova
Helping partners provide flexible, efficient migrations

One of the partners that Simplanova works with is Technology Management Concepts (TMC), a Microsoft Dynamics 365 partner based in Southern California that has seen its Business Central business explode over the last three years. Many of its new customers have existing implementations of the legacy Microsoft Dynamics NAV solution—some versions as far back as 2005—that they want to migrate to Dynamics 365 Business Central, so TMC turned to Simplanova for assistance.

There are many intermediary steps needed to upgrade previous versions to the latest Dynamics 365 Business Central. A lot of expertise is required to perform those upgrades – that’s where the efficiency and knowledge of Simplanova really help us. It really frees up our resources.

Brian Followell
Technical Services Manager for Business Central and NAV, TMC

Part of the reason that Simplanova is such a good fit for TMC is that it has the flexibility to accommodate the unique migration scenario of each client, while also providing fixed pricing. TMC can easily scope the project to be everything from a data-only migration to an in-place upgrade that requires development work to carry forward all existing customizations.

It’s really great to work with a partner that understands the product and understands our business. It’s not set in stone where it has to be all or nothing.

Brian Followell
Technical Services Manager for Business Central and NAV, TMC

Given that TMC is seeing demand continue to grow, the partner plans on expanding its Business Central team by 50% over the coming year. Collaboration with Simplanova on migration services will be an important part of sustaining that growth while ensuring customer satisfaction.

We see Simplanova as an extension of our team. We’ve built a good foundation together, creating a seamless, cost-efficient way to provide a great upgrade experience for our clients.

Teri Gray
Practice Manager for Business Central and NAV, TMC
Partner benefits

Fixed pricing offering for any upgrade project size.

Expertise available for upgrades from any legacy versions.

Flexibility to accommodate full range of clients’ migration scenarios.

Seamless, cost-efficient partnership helps sustain growth and customer satisfaction.

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