Partner Admin Center

Automating BC Customer Environment Management.


Simplanova Partner Admin Center is a free portal for managing your Business Central end-user environments. It is currently available in a beta release, for which you can sign up using the form below. Upon signing up, you will receive an invite and instructions on how to set up the solution.

We understand the manual work of Business Central Resellers when having to keep multiple Excel lists of customer tenant IDs, environments, and their apps. We have recognized the pain of manually triggered app updates, deletes, or installs for each app and each customer environment individually. We also try to solve the pain for PTE management and timely automated updates, creating GDAP URL requests and assigning security groups and roles in a more automated fashion.

Why use Partner Admin Center?

All-in-one cross-tenant BC user environment management

Bulk environment update schedule

Bulk update apps/extensions for all customers

Cross-tenant app inventory management

Manage and issue requests for GDAP permissions

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We are currently focusing on further automating the setup process: integration with Partner Center, GDAP URL request generation, and automating assignment of security groups and roles. Once we are finished with this, we will focus on PTE management. To keep up with our roadmap, sign up for the portal, find it in the documentation portal, and receive timely updates.

Security and Privacy of User Data

The security of your customer data is of most importance while managing their environments. When you set up the Partner Admin Center, you are assigning permissions to the portal for running Admin Center APIs and BC Automation APIs. This does not grant access to Business Central data. It grants access to the data that can be accessed in the Admin Center of Business Central and access to data via BC Automation APIs, such as configuration packages, PTEs, Company names, or user lists.

We also store your customer tenant IDs and assigned names in an encrypted database. Simplanova users will not have access to this data.

When you sign up, you will receive a link to our documentation, which will have more information on how this portal is set up and a link to the Privacy Policy of Partner Admin Center.

Partner Admin Center

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