Dynamics 365 Business Central Extensions Training

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central are making giant steps to make partner business more efficient and innovative.  Development teams must have the latest information and skills to deliver the best results.  Simplanova team of professionals works with many Dynamics partners projects every day and has a lot of experience in different projects. We are ready to share our experience in Dynamics 365 Business Central Extensions with your company!


“Continuous improvement is better than delayed perfection.”, – Mark Twain. We are ready to help your team gain new competencies in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Extensions and acquire new skills in our training/workshop.

About Dynamics 365 Business Central Extensions Training



Target audience:

Technical NAV/365 Business Central developers


8 hours


In Partner Office/Online/In Simplanova office (Vilnius, Lithuania)

The Dynamics 365 Business Central Extensions training course is always adjusted according to individual partner requirements, professional experience, and skills. We recommend having a full 8 hours training course where we will introduce you to AL World and assist you moving your solution into extensions. Bellow, we are providing the example of Dynamics 365 Business Central Extensions Training schedule (2 hours in a day). Do not hesitate to require a personal proposal for your team.

Day 1: Basic AL Course (2 hours)

  1. What is AL? What are extensions?
  2. AL vs C/AL
  3. What is VSCode
  4. Connecting your project to the database
  5. Basic AL syntax
  6. Examples of good practices writing in AL language


Day 2: Advanced AL and C/AL to AL Course (2 hours)

  1. DotNet variables: Advanced AL
  2. “Install” codeunits: Advanced AL
  3. Dependencies: Advanced AL
  4. “Upgrade” codeunits: Advanced AL
  5. Intelligent cloud: Advanced AL
  6. Different approaches to moving your solution: C/AL to AL
  7. The requirement of moving your solutions: C/AL to AL
  8. Limitations: C/AL to AL
  9. The process of moving your solution: C/AL to AL
  10. Problems that might arise: C/AL to AL
  11. What are “Events”: C/AL to AL


Day 3: GIT Course (2 hours)

  1. What is GIT?
  2. How to install GIT
  3. Remote repositories
  4. Creating remote repositories
  5. How to use a remote repository
  6. Commits, Branches, and Pull Requests
  7. Working as a team
  8. Merge conflicts


Day 4: Basic Docker and Advanced Docker course (2 hours)

  1. What is Docker?: Basic Docker
  2. How to install Docker: Basic Docker
  3. Basic Docker Management commands: Basic Docker
  4. Run first Docker container: Basic Docker
  5. NavContainerHelper: Basic Docker
  6. Docker for Business Central: Basic Docker
  7. Changing Docker storage location: Advanced Docker
  8. Install Docker on a server: Advanced Docker
  9. Opening container to a local network using ports: Advanced Docker
  10. Managing files inside Docker container: Advanced Docker
  11. Managing database in a container: Advanced Docker
  12. Create NAV container using .bak file: Advanced Docker
  13. Export .bak file: Advanced Docker
  14. Open container to a network by creating a custom transparent network: Advanced Docker

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Dynamics 365 Business Central Extensions Training
Dynamics 365 Business Central Extensions Training

Learn how to move your solution to Dynamics 365 Business Central Extensions and develop them.

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RDLC Reports Training Course

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Dynamics 365 Business Central Extensions Training

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