Dynamics NAV Extensions Workshop

Microsoft Dynamics NAV / BC are making giant steps to make partner business more efficient and innovative.  Development teams must have the latest information and skills to deliver the best results.  Simplanova team of professionals works with many Dynamics NAV partner projects every day and has a lot of experience in different projects. We are ready to share our experience with your company!


“Continuous improvement is better than delayed perfection.”, – Mark Twain. We are ready to help your team gain new competences in Microsoft Dynamics NAV Extensions and acquire new skills in our workshop.

Dynamics NAV Extensions Training Course information



Target audience:

Technical NAV developers


8 hours


In Partner Office/Online/In Simplanova office (Vilnius, Lithuania)

The training course is always adjusted according to individual partner requirements, professional experience and skills. We recommend to have a full 8 hours training course where we will introduce you to AL World and assist you moving your solution into extensions. Bellow we are providing the example of Extension Workshop schedule (2 hours in a day). Do not hesitate to require personal proposal to your team.

Day 1 (2 hours)

  1. Concept of moving solution to extensions.
  2. Environment: installing and linking.
  3. Symbols: what are symbols, generating symbols.
  4. Syntax: AL & VSC method of programming. Some examples.
  5. Hands-on basics of extensions:
  • Test examples.
  1. Testing scenarios: How to test an Extension once it is created .


Day 2 (2 hours)

  1. Unsupported things: matrix of unsupported things, and brief explanation on how to solve it. Some examples.
  2. Introduction to your solution.
  3. Analysing your solution – preparing for extensions.
  4. Hands-on basics of extensions:
  • Custom objects. (Tables, Pages, Codeunits, Reports).


Day 3 (2 hours)

  1. Dependencies.
  2. Versioning; [ Add: Granule ID changes, Number Range Changes].
  3. Hands-on Extensions:
  • Standard object modifications.
  • Extended tables, pages. (pageext, tableext).


Day 4 (2 hours)

  1. Overview moving customizations to extensions :
  • Move customizations to extension:
  • export objects to new syntax – Microsoft tool.
  • txt2al (Microsoft Tool: CAL to AL Converter.).
  • refactor, create package, publish.  — Converting once in AL to a NAVX Extension File.; How to distribute an Extension File. (Not App Source).

2. Data migration process and examples.

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