Stoneridge Software: Dynamics 365 BC & AX / FSCM Development Case Study

According to customer needs, Simplanova offered experienced developers to work on the customer’s Dynamics 365 BC & AX / FSCM Development Projects.


Stoneridge Software (US, Minnesota) represents the entire suite of Microsoft Dynamics 365 business solutions, Power Platform, and Modern Workplace, with focused verticals in Agriculture, Manufacturing, Construction, and Distribution. A Microsoft Solutions Partner designation means that Stoneridge Software has demonstrated a specific proven skill at providing an upgrade path for Dynamics AX, Dynamics NAV, Dynamics GP, and Dynamics CRM on-prem. Stoneridge Software gains additional advantages in working with Microsoft, such as access to advanced training, additional technical support, as well as increased access to Microsoft products and services.


Stoneridge Software faced a significant challenge in finding suitable, experienced Dynamics 365 BC developers with excellent communication skills and a high level of responsibility. They tried to find the developers locally, but it took too much time, and they were not able to find a suitable one.  That’s why Stoneridge Software decided to ask Simplanova for help with the Dynamics 365 BC development service.


Stoneridge Software provided Simplanova with technical Dynamics 365 BC requirements and examples of projects to work with. In 2-4 weeks, Simplanova managed to send a suitable developer’s resume, organize an interview, and start the contract in just over a month.  In 2-3 months, Stoneridge Software began to work with 2 developers, and after successful cooperation of one year and after, the BC team expanded to 3 developers.


Stoneridge Software’s partnership with Simplanova offered several key advantages. First, it gained access to a pool of experienced developers who possessed the necessary expertise to meet its project requirements. Second, Simplanova demonstrated excellent communication and responsiveness, ensuring that Stoneridge Software’s needs were addressed promptly and effectively. Additionally, Simplanova’s flexibility and ability to accommodate additional development demands further strengthened the partnership.

  • Time Savings and Efficiency:

By outsourcing their Dynamics 365 BC development needs to Simplanova, Stoneridge Software experienced significant time savings and improved efficiency. Simplanova’s rapid response times and ability to provide suitable developers within a month allowed Stoneridge Software to streamline its development process and deliver projects more expediently to its clients.

  • Simplanova’s Response Times, Pricing, Communication, and Support:

Simplanova’s responsiveness was exemplary, delivering potential Dynamics 365 BC developers’ resumes within just two weeks. Their communication throughout the engagement was clear and effective, fostering a collaborative and productive working relationship with Stoneridge Software. Furthermore, Simplanova offered flexible pricing options, ensuring that Stoneridge Software received exceptional value for its investment in development services. Additionally, Simplanova provided ongoing support and assistance, further solidifying its status as a trusted partner to Stoneridge Software.


Through its partnership with Simplanova, Stoneridge Software successfully overcame its challenges in Dynamics 365 BC development and expanded its capabilities to meet its clients’ evolving needs.

Dynamics 365 BC developers list you can find here.

Partnering with Simplanova has been instrumental in enhancing our Dynamics 365 Business Central development capabilities. Their team of experienced developers, coupled with their exceptional communication and rapid response to our needs, has allowed us to deliver high-quality solutions to our clients efficiently. I highly recommend Simplanova to any organization seeking reliable and skilled Dynamics 365 development services.

Carrie Wiles
Director of Client Services, Stoneridge Software


As the mutual work and trust between Simplanova and Stonerridge were really good, Simplanova also handled the demands of Dynamics AX and Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management development while providing suitable developers.

Dynamics AX / FSCM developers list you can find here.

Currently, there are 4 Simplanova developers on Stoneridge Software Dynamics 365 Development Projects:

  • 3 Senior Business Central Developers working on both project development, focusing on new customizations and support work, addressing bug fixes and system enhancements. Their work includes extending reports, creating new tables and logic, adding a few fields to the report/UI page, and implementing complex customizations for warehouse management, manufacturing processes, agricultural, wholesale, and medical services processes. They’ve also worked on implementing custom APIs or complex integrations of Business Central, implementing e-commerce integrations. Their roles encompass involvement in the entire project lifecycle – from initial client meetings and design sessions to development, testing, and deployment. Their ability to provide both pre-go-live and post-go-live support ensures smooth operations and meeting client expectations. By effectively communicating with clients and collaborating on technical challenges, they ensure our solutions consistently meet client expectations.
  • 1 Finance and Supply Chain Management Developer is working on both developing new features for US customers and providing support as part of the AX (F&O) Client Services Team. His responsibilities include coding and development work for new feature (FDD) cases, estimating development efforts, and assisting in the creation of Functional Design Documents (FDDs). Additionally, he is working as a responsible developer on bug cases that require troubleshooting / debugging work in order to find the root of the reported issue and resolve it. Effective communication with stakeholders, including developers, consultants, managers, and customers, is maintained through daily email and “Teams” interactions to continually meet clients’ needs.

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