Cost Control Software: Dynamics NAV Extensions Training Course

Cost Control Software had the challenge to learn more about Microsoft Dynamics NAV transformation tools and how to use them more effectively.

Cost Control Software (CCSI) is a Microsoft Certified Partner and Independent Software Vendor (ISV) located in Carmel, Indiana, USA. CCSI provides add-on products for Microsoft Dynamics NAV, focused on the sectors of Manufacturing, Job and Project Costing, Productivity, and Inventory Management. Working closely with the Microsoft Reseller Channel, Cost Control provides end-users with products that improve usability and efficiency, leading to saved time and costs.


Cost Control Software had a challenge to learn more about Microsoft Dynamics NAV transformation tools and how to use them more effectively.  The company wanted to gain new competences how to make the extension complete and usable. Simplanova expert team of Microsoft Dynamics NAV developers helped Cost Control Software to use acquired skills and competences in their daily work.


According to Cost Control Software needs, Simplanova Academy trainer Tomas conducted the 8 hours (2 hours per day) online Dynamics NAV Extension training course. The training plan was prepared according to the client needs and competences their team needs to acquire.


Day 1 (2 hours course)

  1. Concept of moving solution to extensions.
  2. Environment: installing and linking.
  3. Symbols: what are symbols, generating symbols.
  4. Syntax: AL & VSC method of programming. Some examples.
  5. Hands-on basics of extensions:
  • Test examples.
  1. Testing scenarios: How to test an Extension once it is created .


Day 2 (2 hours course)

  1. Unsupported things: matrix of unsupported things, and brief explanation on how to solve it. Some examples.
  2. Introduction to your solution.
  3. Analysing your solution – preparing for extensions.
  4. Hands-on basics of extensions:
  • Custom objects. (Tables, Pages, Codeunits, Reports).


Day 3 (2 hours course)

  1. Dependencies.
  2. Versioning; [ Add: Granule ID changes, Number Range Changes].
  3. Hands-on Extensions:
  • Standard object modifications.
  • Extended tables, pages. (pageext, tableext).


Day 4 (2 hours course)

  1. Overview moving customizations to extensions :
  • Move customizations to extension:
  • export objects to new syntax – Microsoft tool.
  • txt2al (Microsoft Tool: CAL to AL Converter.).
  • refactor, create package, publish.  — Converting once in AL to a NAVX Extension File.; How to distribute an Extension File. (Not App Source).

2. Data migration process and examples.

Simplanova trainer Tomas was a good communicator and the training achieved the program objective. I liked the Excel file with the script commands. Those are easily forgotten and having a place to look up information quickly is nice. I also enjoyed being able to work through the process here as we were going through the class. I would recommend Simplanova Dynamics NAV Extension workshop to others.

Sam Baxter
Dynamics 365 Business Central Developer, Cost Control Software


Cost Control Software team successfully completed the full 8 hours in 4 days Microsoft Dynamics NAV Extension Training Course, organized by Simplanova. The partner was satisfied to see the process with their own product versus a generic sample provided. This example allowed partner to see what they need to update comparing with already working product.

Dynamics 365 Business Central Extensions Training

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