BCS Itera: Dynamics 365 Business Central Development Case Study

According to customer needs, Simplanova offered an experienced developer to work on the customer’s Dynamics NAV upgrade project to the latest Business Central version.


BCS Itera is one of the largest companies in the Baltics, offering business software and digital solutions. It is also Estonia’s oldest Microsoft Dynamics NAV & 365 Business Central solution partner. BCS Itera delivers ERP, HRM, CRM, and BI solutions that create competitive advantages. Its clients include many of the region’s leading companies in trade, manufacturing, infrastructure management, banking, and the real estate sector.


With an urgent need for an experienced Dynamics NAV / 365 Business Central developer and flexibility in resource management, BCS Itera sought a solution that could address these challenges efficiently and effectively.

The main challenge BCS Itera had with Dynamics 365 Business Central development was that they started a big Dynamics NAV upgrade project: converting code from CSIDE to AL, migrating missing code, checking all codeunits and reports, etc. For this project, they lacked an experienced developer. The project was long-term, but unfortunately, they could not hire or find a suitable developer quickly. Also, they needed someone who was flexible, and this was also a challenge.


During their search for a solution, BCS Itera engaged with Simplanova, outlining their technical requirements. Simplanova promptly responded with a suitable developer, aligning with BCS Itera’s needs. The swift initiation of the collaboration, within just one month, made Simplanova the preferred choice for BCS Itera.


BCS Itera experienced several advantages through its partnership with Simplanova:

  • Flexibility: the ability to scale developer resources up or down as needed, offering a solution to quickly respond to project demands or crises without committing to long-term employment. The service allows for contracts of varying lengths, from short-term (e.g., three months) to longer engagements, providing the option to adjust the duration based on current project needs and future uncertainties.
  • Managing Crisis and Stability: Utilizing external developers is seen as a strategy for navigating crises or temporary needs, with the aim of eventually stabilizing the team with full-time hires.
  • Challenges and Integration: While the flexibility of hiring developers on-demand is beneficial, it also presents challenges in terms of integrating external developers with in-house teams, cultural fit, and ensuring a smooth collaboration process.
  • Quality and Onboarding: Simplanova is recognized for its thorough process of selecting and onboarding developers. This ensures they are a good fit for the client’s projects and company culture, which helps mitigate some of the integration challenges.
  • Developer Levels and Choice: Simplanova offers developers at various experience levels, allowing clients to choose based on their project’s complexity and budget constraints. This choice includes being informed about the developers’ expertise levels, which allows for informed decision-making. (The Dynamics 365 BC Developers list is available here.)
  • Speed and Responsibility: Collaboration with Simplanova helps to hire developers and allows a faster hiring process. This approach also shares the responsibility of selecting the right candidate, which can be particularly beneficial when quick hires are needed without compromising quality.
  • Risk Management: Direct hiring is more thorough and time-consuming, partly because of the higher stakes involved in potentially selecting the wrong candidate. Simplanova, on the other hand, manages some of this risk by having its vetting process, which allows the client to be more agile and take calculated risks.
  • Team Morale: Hiring and potentially firing developers directly can affect the existing team’s morale and sense of stability. In contrast, developers brought in through a service provider are understood to be temporary, which minimizes the impact on team dynamics and motivation.

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Partnering with Simplanova helps alleviate the hassles and responsibilities associated with workforce management. This partnership allows BCS Itera to concentrate on its core operations and enhance customer service. Specifically, Simplanova’s flexibility facilitates quicker growth and the ability to serve more customers by effectively managing workforce scalability. This approach has notably prevented scenarios where BCS Itera had to delay or reject customer projects due to insufficient staffing.

For instance, discussions about potential projects were postponed for a year because of the need to scale up the team, especially for consultancy work, which is more complex. Utilizing Simplanova’s resources helps avoid such situations, supports rapid expansion, and enables the company to undertake more significant projects without the risk of turning away business. This strategic collaboration also mitigates hiring risks, contributing to a more agile and faster-growing business.


I would recommend Simplanova as they provide the service as it should be. If I need to close my eyes and imagine how this kind of service should be provided, I imagine it would be similar to Simplanova.

Peeter Mark
Business Manager, BCS Itera


BCS Itera noted Simplanova’s clear and prompt communication, indicating satisfactory response times. Pricing was aligned with the value provided, and support was adequate to meet project requirements.

Simplanova Development Services case study demonstrates the best solution for a successful Dynamics NAV / 365 BC upgrade project if facing resource and competency challenges internally. At the same time, it demonstrates the importance of strategic collaboration in focusing on Dyamics’ community successful partnership and business growth.

More than a year after initiating a partnership with Simplanova, BCS Itera needed an additional experienced Dynamics 365 BC developer to accommodate its growing project portfolio. Recognizing the effectiveness of their previous collaboration, BCS Itera turned once again to Simplanova for assistance. Simplanova swiftly responded to BCS Itera’s requirement, promptly providing a highly skilled Dynamics 365 BC developer with extensive experience. This developer seamlessly integrated into BCS Itera’s team and has been contributing successfully to their projects for several months already.

This continued success reaffirms the strength of BCS Itera’s partnership with Simplanova. By consistently delivering top-tier talent in a timely manner, Simplanova has solidified its position as a trusted partner for BCS Itera’s Dynamics NAV / 365 Business Central development needs.

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