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Simplanova has been acknowledged by Microsoft and recently announced as the latest ISV Development Center. Being ISV Development Center enables Simplanova and its ISVs joining the FY23 ISV Investment program.


Under this program Simplanova can help you refine existing solutions or co-create new solutions from scratch. Our experts offer services for solution envisioning, architectural design, defining functional requirements, coding, testing, quality assurance, performance tuning, documentation development, deployment, user acceptance testing, building connectors, and more.


The ISV Investment Program unlocks Microsoft credit for said Simplanova services under two FY23 programs: Activate and Accelerate.

Accelerate the success of ISVs

with Business Central Online and Microsoft AppSource

Depending on where the you are in our Business Central online journey, you can benefit from two program options:


For ISVs and VARs on a journey to bring their solution to Business Central online and Microsoft AppSource and who will benefit from ISV Dev Center support to reduce time to market.


Designed for Partners with existing add-ons on Dynamics NAV, GP, AX, or any other ERP, as long as the add-on is not yet on Appsource but can be beneficial for BC users.


You can use the DevCenter credit if you meet two criteria:


  1. Your add-on will be migrated to Appsource;
  2. At least 100 BC users start using your add-on (migrated or new users).
    The credit can be spent on either Simplanova’s development services for add-on redesign or migration OR for Simplanova’s end-user migration services.
Activate scenario #1

You are an ISV with a banking add-on on BC v14 on-prem and you are looking to migrate to Appsource. You can use the Activate program for Simplanova’s services to get your add-on on Appsource.

Activate scenario #2

You are a VAR with a retail add-on on NAV 2015 and looking to start selling on Appsource. You can use Simplanova’s services for building a light version on Appsource and start selling it for new customers.

Activate scenario #3

You are a VAR with a logistics add-on on BC v19. You can use Simplanova’s services for the remaining steps to get it on Appsource or Simplanova’s services for migrating your end-users.


For existing Business Central partners with proven Microsoft AppSource Apps which have an ambition to accelerate user acquisition with the help of an ISV Dev Center.


Designed for Partners who already have an add-on on Appsource. You can use the DevCenter credit for each new or migrated 100 BC users.


Minimum user quota: 400 BC users migrated or implemented.


The credit can be spent on Simplanova’s end-user migration to BC SaaS services or tools.

Accelerate scenario #1

You are an ISV with a banking add-on on Appsource looking to have more users using your solution. You can contact your resellers offering them our migration or development services for every 100 BC users that start using your add-on. Your resellers could in turn offer this discount for their customers if they will migrate.

Accelerate scenario #2

You are a VAR with a retail add-on on Appsource looking to expand your business. You can offer better priced migration services for your customers as long as they move to BC SaaS with your add-on.

Who can apply?

Any Dynamics Partner building add-ons – VAR with add-on or a pure ISV. The DevCenter credit can be used for:


  • building solution for Appsource;
  • upgrading add-on from Microsoft Dynamics NAV, AX, GP, and/or CRM;
  • migrating or implementing end-customers to BC SaaS with your add-on.

Add-on criteria

  • Your add-on has to be vertical, with the only exceptions of banking/payment management, e-commerce, and e-invoice add-ons.
  • Your add-on has to become a bestseller, meaning that you have to meet a certain new sales or migration quota under each program.


You have to nominate yourself until September 30th, 2022. Please schedule your consultations in advance! Once you are nominated, you will have 12 months to reach the program goals you participate in.

How to apply?

Schedule a consultation with Simplanova using the form below. Any candidate must be first vetted by Simplanova. If you meet the criteria, Simplanova will help you nominate yourself at Microsoft for the program and work together to reach the goals.
We will be your main contact point for the programs.

ISV Accelerate and Activate Program

Submit this form if You are ready to migrate add-ons to Appsource, or if you want to migrate users to BC SaaS.