Transition to Business Central Cloud with Simplanova – official Microsoft Modernization Center

In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, staying up to date with the latest technology and software solutions is crucial for any organization. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is at the forefront of modern business management tools. However, the transition to Business Central cloud can be daunting for many partners and organizations. That’s where Simplanova, an official Microsoft Modernization and ISV Development Center, comes into play. In this blog post, we will explore how Simplanova is helping businesses navigate this transition and unlock the full potential of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. 

Introduction to Simplanova 

We are thrilled to share a recent video from ISV Talks, where Carol Livingston from Dynamics Connections introduces Simplanova as an official Microsoft ISV Development Center. The video features a conversation between Carol and Domas, the Head of Sales at Simplanova, as they discuss the valuable tools and expertise that Simplanova offers to assist partners in transitioning to the newest version of Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC. 

Understanding Client Needs 

The core of Simplanova’s approach is understanding client needs. In the video, Domas emphasizes the importance of tailoring solutions to meet the specific requirements of each partner. This client-centric approach ensures that partners receive the most effective and efficient solutions to help them smoothly transition to Business Central cloud. 

Transition to Business Central Cloud: Overcoming Challenges & Cost Considerations 

Transitioning to Business Central cloud can be a challenging endeavor. The video highlights partners’ common challenges during upgrade projects, such as data migration and user training. Simplanova’s expertise and tools are instrumental in overcoming these challenges and making the transition as smooth as possible. Additionally, the cost considerations are addressed, providing partners with a clear understanding of the financial aspects of upgrading to Business Central.  

Microsoft’s Transition Push 

In the video, it’s mentioned that Microsoft is actively encouraging its partners to transition to Business Central cloud and is gradually ending support for older solutions. This transition is not only a strategic move by Microsoft but also a testament to the power and potential of BC in today’s business environment. For this reason, Microsoft has recently announced new never-seen-before programs for upgrading Dynamics NAV to Business Central SaaS. Simplanova has been recently selected as a Microsoft Modernization Center under the AIM program and will help Partner organizations migrate end-customers to the cloud. 

AIM with Simplanova 

As a certified Microsoft Modernization Center, we would like to introduce you to the AIM programs with Simplanova resources: 

  1. AIM BC Needs Assessment. Earn $1,500 for a workshop with the client where a Reseller shows the benefits of migration to SaaS in a workshop with the client. 
  2. AIM Assessment report by Simplanova. Earn $3,500 for each Dynamics NAV / BC on-premise solution assessment to BC SaaS.
  3. AIM Deployment Offer. Claim incentives per each Dynamics NAV / BC on-premise customer migration to BC SaaS with Simplanova. Details to be announced before November 30th!
  4. COOP budgets for Simplanova migration services. Claim up to $100,000 for Simplanova’s development or migration projects activity via COOP budget program.

The programs will run until June 30, 2024. As a next step, we suggest reading our official AIM resources and scheduling Assessment Report slots for the next year.  


We expect high volume, so we are reaching out to all of our Resellers to order assessment slots before the end of this year at a discounted rate.  


In conclusion, Simplanova is an essential partner for a seamless transition to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. With a client-centric approach, a deep understanding of client needs, and a suite of powerful tools and expertise, Simplanova is well-equipped to guide organizations through the challenges and opportunities of adopting Business Central.

AIM Assessment program is time-sensitive, so we are reaching out to all of our Resellers to order assessment slots before the end of this year at a discounted rate. All AIM assessments scheduled in 2023 will be running in 2024’s Q1- Q2. Please use the form below to order your slot today! 

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