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Since the introduction of Business Central v14 and AL/extensions, the upgrade effort of Dynamics NAV to Business Central has reached new heights – Simplanova’s recorded average project size has more than doubled since 2019. Luckily for the past 24 months, Simplanova has been working on a platform of Partner tools to automate migration work and to guide Partners through the upgrade process. 

Simplanova AL Tools (short – SALT) – a platform of tools that support you throughout your full Business Central C/AL code to AL conversion.

SALT automatically applies many of the fixes you would normally search for and apply manually, provides suggestions, implements useful developer functions, and gives you guidance throughout your project using cutting edge chatbot solution, developed in-house, connecting to the full Simplanova’s upgrade knowledgebase, compiled over the past 9 years.



SALT Features

Simplanova AL Tools automatically handles: 



  • Code to Events. Event comments are extracted from codeunit delta files. All events are moved from AL files to dedicated event subscription codeunits, divided by object type (Table, Page, and Codeunit events). Where possible, code modifications are moved to the closest available event.
  • Triggers. Modifications are automatically moved into AL triggers where possible.
  • TemBlob usage is refactored into using the dedicated Temp Blob codeunit together with all functions, which are used to manipulate data inside the TempBlob record.
  • Breaking Changes. Part of the objects and methods, which have been split up, refactored, or renamed by Microsoft, are automatically updated and fixed accordingly. SALT covers more common cases. A full list of breaking changes is documented here
  • Options to Enums automated conversion.
  • File Management issues. Whenever a deprecated function from the File Management codeunit is used, it is refactored to work in AL, including usage of Blob Import instead of directly working with files the original way.

Why Simplanova AL Tools?

Automated tools
Automated tools

Forget manually searching for and applying fixes – SALT handles that for you.

Support throughout upgrade
Support throughout upgrade

SALT will not only give you a one-time fix but also has a platform to support you throughout the whole project by answering upgrade-related questions and giving suggestions.

You Own the Code
You Own the Code

Once converted, you or your customer owns the code. We do not store it and we do not add any external software to it, there’s nothing you need to run your converted code.

450 project knowledge
450 project knowledge

Access to knowledge base compiled from performing over 450 upgrade projects in the past 9 years.

Benefits of SALT

Are your Dynamics NAV customers postponing upgrade due to cost increase? The team does not yet have the skills to complete a C/AL to AL upgrade?

SALT platform can help you address both challenges by providing automated fixes and guidance for your team. By using an automated approach, you can prevent mistakes done manually when upgrading solution and focus your attention on advanced development for customer instead of learning skills that you would apply once in an upgrade project.

Facts about SALT

2000+ objects

2000+ objects converted so far using SALT


30% of estimated time can be saved on a heavily modified conversion from C/AL to AL

1000s hours

1000s hours saved on Simplanova’s C/AL to AL upgrade projects

200 Q&A

200 Q&A upgrade related issues and questions answered using Simplanova’s chatbot engine

SALT Roadmap

2022 Q3


Visual Studio Code extension


Sophisticated VS Code extension to manage the project, apply individual fixes, view and filter affected files



2022 Q4






Advanced procedure comment refactoring to events


Options to Enums


Option type variable and table field conversion to enums, reusage of existing enums




Suggestions on how to handle flagged code parts like unhandled File Management cases



2023 Q2



Initial project setup



Standard project setup from delta files




Dividing report layouts into a dedicated folder




Xml, Excel automation refactoring to .NET


2023 Q4  

Breaking changes



Additional cases of breaking changes, related to new BC releases


Applying suffixes/prefixes to distinguish your customer or add-on objects from Microsoft’s base application



Q: Is there a free trial for Simplanova AL Tools?
A: Limited seats for a free trial are available before the official release of Simplanova AL Tools. Free trial means that you will be asked to send your solution objects just after conversion with txt2AL tool. Simplanova will then convert them again with SALT, applying all the SALT fixes to the code, and will send you the objects back. Please apply at 


Q: Where can I download Simplanova AL Tools?
A: At this moment, we only allow limited seats for trial. The general SALT release is scheduled for 2022 Q2.


Q: Where can I get a license key for Simplanvoa AL Tools? How much does Simplanova AL Tools cost?
A: Contact Simplanova’s sales team ( to buy a license key.

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