Top 10 Time Saving Tips for Software Development Companies

Keep them short and plan every question: ask responsible persons to write down how many minutes exactly they need to cover every question in discussion. Decide which topics have to be solved during that meeting and which are less important: pay the most attention to the most important topics for your company. It will help you manage time and know how long precisely the meeting would last. Travelling to important meetings also matters: maybe it’s possible to arrange them via Skype etc. and avoid traffic on streets?

Process automation
Have you noticed that some tasks are repetitive and even boring? Figuring out which parts are the most repetitive and automating them can save plenty of time. Sometimes it can be difficult to avoid human error, thus process automation prevents from this inadequacy and saves time on verifying the final result.

Working with professionals’ team
Get more valuable ideas from a bigger professional team and persons who have a deep knowledge about the software development services. Outsourcing software development is one of the solutions to extend your professionals team and improve special skills. What is it worth to your company to free up a few additional hours in your software developers’ schedules? You have the benefit of focusing on more important aspects of company processes, profit generating solutions as well as redeploying your employees to more creative, non-repetitive tasks. Knowing what, when and how to do things saves time and money. Prevent your professionals from doing low value tasks.

Create a plan for the future
Figuring out what resources and when will be needed can save money and time in a software development company. Analyse past data to decide which periods of the year, month are the busiest, when a work overload can be met. This could help you prevent projects shortage, plan when additional workforce is needed, get skills needed in advance. Prepare to carry out very urgent tasks: find out which situations led to them in the past, what methods could help you in this case. Maybe a developer assigned to manage urgent tasks or a software development outsourcing company’s telephone number could come in handy.

Tasks divided into smaller parts
Manageable tasks inspire to do them faster, in that way tons of small tasks form a big and overwhelming task. Do you divide your process into small parts? Could you exactly say which part isn’t done effectively and needs to be improved? Which tasks take the biggest part of a workday? Is it possible to improve them?

One of the top time saving tips for software development companies is to take time to think about commonly used documents that are used very often in the company. Make a template of everything you can: project documents, e-mail answers. Making necessary adjustments doesn’t take as much time as creating them every time out of nothing.

Easier access to frequently used documents
Keep your frequently used documents in a suitably named folder. This will save your time in searching through the folders to find documents for everyday usage.

Schedule time for e-mail
Responding emails in a timely manner once or twice daily, following a strict schedule can save working hours. E-mails can be answered, e.g. after the most important tasks in the morning and later in the afternoon when one or two hours are left until the end of a workday. The rest of the hours of the day will keep you concentrated on the main tasks.

Stop multi-tasking
There are so many urgent tasks to complete in a software development company. That distracts your attention and makes a task difficult to start. Moreover, aren’t the smaller tasks taking more time than reviewing strategic objectives and concentrating on your customers primary needs? Too much to do today? Maybe there is a person who is eligible to delegate the task to? Maybe sometimes you demand instant answers, reports, etc. and make it difficult for others to maintain their concentration on priority tasks?

Need much more time? Shorten your workday
When you work on limited time, you try to get the most of it. 20/80 rule? How rewarding it could be to finish your work earlier and enjoy your hobby. Working long hours just to seem busy isn’t productive nor inspiring.

 By Vilija Buteniene, Simplanova Marketing Manager


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