Microsoft Dynamics NAV Upgrade

Efficient Microsoft Dynamics NAV upgrade for Microsoft Partners with automated tools and specialized approach.


Upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017!

Simplanova offers automated Dynamics NAV upgrade to the newest Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017 version. What is new in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017? It‘s important to get familiar with NAV 2017 and take advantage of the revenue and business opportunities that this Navision upgrade will offer.

Get the FREE project evaluation from our sales team. We just need the .FOB from you and we will send proposal in just 5 business days with fixed price. Save time and money with Simplanova automated upgrade tools.
Let’s Talk About Your Case! Contact Simplanova and get a free quote for your project.

Let's Talk About Your Case!

Contact Simplanova and get a free quote for your project

Expand Opportunities through Improved Performance of Dynamics NAV Upgrade

Dynamics NAV Upgrade is a relatively simple and repetitive task which Microsoft Partners can do themselves. However, there are good reasons why they are doing Dynamics NAV upgrades with Simplanova. First of all, opening for innovations have enabled higher profit margins on such projects while comparing to their competitors. Simplanova’s Partners benefit from a set of tools, created by us, to greatly increase the efficiency of NAV upgrades. Secondly, our Partners can focus on their main business – developing their products and creating value for their customers. Finally, Simplanova works as an extension of a Microsoft Partner’s development department, allowing them to work on important projects in critical phases. At Simplanova, we have a dedicated team with experience in upgrades and standardized techniques in order to complete projects successfully.

Expert knowledge and extra resources in a critical phase of the project. Without help from Simplanova we would not have been able to deliver on time.
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Jesper L. Christiansen

Development Manager at Elbek & Vejrup, Elbek & Vejrup

Elbek & Vejrup
Timely Evaluation
Timely Evaluation

5 days to receive evaluated upgrade project

Fixed Price
Fixed Price

100 percent guarantee of fixed price and clear scope

Report Upgrades
Report Upgrades

Up to 89% of time saved on upgrades to RDLC reports

Time Saving
Time Saving

Up to 54 percent of time saved on well performed upgrade

Quality Assurance
Quality Assurance

Full functional testing of project

Support period
Support period

Up to 3 months support after the project delivery

Selling More Microsoft Dynamics NAV Upgrades to Your Customers

Simplanova is here to help partners to sell more Dynamics NAV Upgrades to their customers. Our upgrade assessment shows fixed price and scope of the project, thus our partners may use these figures in their sales presentation to describe potential savings, specify each step of upgrade process and deliverables. With our free upgrade assessment our partners are able to enhance their sales proposal.

Simplanova’s Microsoft Dynamics NAV Upgrade Service Model

Dynamics NAV Upgrade

How Does the Semi-Automated NAV Upgrade Tools Work?

We have developed upgrade tools which help us prepare custom solutions to upgrade to the new version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV and the Role-Tailored Client. The NAV upgrade tools allow us to semi-automatically transform matrix forms, Dataports to Xmlports and Classic reports to RDLC reports. Thus for our Partners we can offer better performance of upgrade projects, more consistency and less possibilities for human error.



Ensuring the best quality of the upgrade service, the automatically generated results are reviewed by Simplanova developers thereafter. We are constantly improving our upgrade tools to the extent that more Dynamics NAV upgrade processes could be automated and become less prone to human error.


Our semi-automated code merge tool allows to save time on transferring customizations to new version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV.


Automated evaluation tool enable us to identify changes more precisely, identify pain-points in the customized solution and plan our upgrade more accurately. In some cases we are able to identify customizations which are no longer in use or replaced by Microsoft Dynamics NAV advancements, which leads to upgrade cost reduction.


The video below illustrates how our semi-automated Dynamics NAV report upgrade tool works:


Microsoft Dynamics NAV Upgrade Packages

Simplanova’s Partners may choose the best suiting upgrade package. Microsoft Dynamics NAV upgrade packages may be customized to get the functionality needed. The packages and features are listed below:

Free Guide

How to Make Microsoft Dynamics NAV Reports Upgrade More Effective