How to Write a Winning Sales Proposal of Dynamics NAV Upgrade

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Preparing for the winning is inspiring. Isn’t it? Sometimes you need only a few steps to include to your activity to improve a lot. Polish your sales proposal of Dynamics NAV upgrade with the following steps.

After you have successfully offered Dynamics NAV upgrade to your customer, conduct interim review of proposal draft to check you are on the right track and have all customer expectations covered. Call your customer to offer aditional recommendations or scope modification, if needed.

Essential tips on preparing sales proposal of Dynamics NAV Upgrade.

#1 The length of a proposal has to be as short as possible. However, be careful of creating no content at all. In that case your potential customers will concentrate only on price (and you don’t want them to do that). Don’t forget that in the proposal the subject is THEY. Talk about strong benefits for your customers rather than about your team’s efforts on creating that solution.

#2 Do you know who will review the proposal in your prospect’s company? If you have already known what matters to this person the most of your collaboration, you know in what order your ideas should be described. Write offer of an upgrade project for that person in mind. Be sure that you have covered his or her expectations and discussed the factors with the biggest impact on their business. Will they find any ideas for improving their activities, save costs, deliver faster? What do decision makers expect from your offer? What can you offer for everyone of them?

#3 While preparing the content of your upgrade offer, consider what you need to do to win the sale. Bring your unique insights and ideas from call notes, talks, presentations and meetings with your potential customer. What do you need to do to make your client win? Describe the value for them, demonstrate that you understand their unique situation. Then explain your approach, tools you are going to use throughout the process and timeline. Your customer is interested in changes and their impact on business. Your customer wants to find best solutions on how to manage risks of these changes. Describe how you will help a customer work through resources constraints when people have competing demands on their time.

#4 Sections of the proposal

    • Executive summary. This part of the proposal should contain a clear and attractive vision of desired future and a case to make a change in business. Challenges arise during time and may have an impact on customer’s business. All challenging situations of your customer’s business can be clarified during initial meetings and discussions before sending a proposal. Having in mind a few bottlenecks your customer is having now, changing processes or approach to business may become an inevitable decision. The summary must clearly describe why your solution is valuable to a customer and why it must be implemented now.
    • Impact of the current problem on client’s revenue, client service, employee retention, and costs. Explore facts from interviews with prospects. Identify a problem and a case for change. What will change with your proposal of Dynamics NAV upgrade? Draw a unique and compelling vision for the future. Make it reasonable and based on your prospect’s needs.
    • Deliverables. All deliverables can be mentioned in fees/objectives/deliverables sections. What exactly customer is getting from using your Dynamics NAV upgrade service? Mention people who will deliver those results. Do your customers want to know about your methodology? Examine the plan from a client’s perspective. If this part sales proposal of Dynamics NAV upgrade contains a very detailed description, it is better to include schemes, plans or certificates in an appendix.
    • Team of professionals. In this section a company division and group of people, with whom your customer will work to achieve the best results, is described. Mention team members from our and client’s company. Skills summary for each role on the team can be included to this section. Clearly describe who will be organizing the work, who will perform tasks, how tasks will be formed. Write about integration of both teams. How are they going to work together? How much should client’s employees engage in common projects? Is our team a good fit? Describe why it is.
    • Schedule and fees. Fee with the anticipated value of your services should be clearly stated. Value can be written in a range, not a specific number necessarily. The expression of value should be clear and quantifiable in order to avoid misunderstanding. Qualitative expression also can be used. It shows what customers are getting from this investment.


#5 Show your customers a clear relationship between value they are getting and fee they are paying for getting the value. For example, your company has developed a special cost reduction model on upgrades and it lets your customer save 1000 EUR. So that means you are delivering services for 9000 EUR in value for a fee of 8000 EUR. It shows a clear relationship between value and fee. Is there significant value above the cost?

  • Include a schedule. Describe general deliverables at first, and specifics secondly. General overview can include major tasks, their dependencies, key milestones, planned start and end dates for all activities.
  • Detailed schedule for complex projects can be included in an appendix. Further information about specific tasks, persons who are responsible for each task, and outcome for each task may be valuable for a customer, thus it should be included in an appendix.
  • If customers want to make changes in the proposal of Dynamics NAV upgrade, discuss potential impact of changes on achieving project objectives. Communicate assumptions clearly.
  • Specific and unique proposal. Prepare a special proposal for that client, find the most relevant examples to their situation, mention past clients’ names and how you have delivered projects successfully. Can your company really do what you claim in a proposal of Dynamics NAV upgrade?
  • Are you one of these companies that add a nice phrase “we are the right choice” to their sales proposal? It would be better to let your potential customers to decide. As you have written a strong sales proposal which clearly points at benefits, experience of your team, demonstrates your attention to the project details and timing, you shouldn’t state that “you are the right choice” as they have already been thinking about it. They want to make a decision themselves.

 #6 Follow up. Call your potential customer to discuss a proposal of Dynamics NAV upgrade further.

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