Get Control of Your Microsoft Dynamics NAV Development: 6 Cases

If you are an ISV or VAR for Microsoft Dynamics NAV you might have already been concerned about feeling overwhelmed with Microsoft Dynamics NAV development. You might also have discussed whether to look for a partner in Microsoft Dynamics NAV development. The question is “Is it the right time to start looking for a Microsoft Dynamics NAV development partner now?” As an IT leader, you’re heavily involved in the ongoing process of analysing which course of action will have the biggest impact on the productivity of your team and the profitability of business. Noticing and decreasing the number of weak points in development process may improve both. There are 6 business situations when a Microsoft Dynamics NAV development partner might help you:

#1: Need to acquire skills. Do you need to complement your developers’ skills? For example, your developers may lack knowledge about the last Dynamics NAV version. In that case, you might need someone who adds to your developers’ upgrading skills.

#2: Want to concentrate on different tasks. If you have ideas for new services or solutions, you may be looking for someone who can execute you current daily tasks instead of your development team. Or if you are an ISV who wants to concentrate more on developing a product and can hardly find time to upgrade to the new NAV version. A partner in Microsoft Dynamics NAV development can help you create spaces in your agenda for new tasks and help you go ahead with your new plans.

#3: Team’s expertise isn’t sufficient to carry out the task. Or the particular task isn’t one of your team’s strengths. If you have done upgrades only a few times, upgrading can be time consuming and continue longer than expected. Additionally, you are expected to ensure the high quality of your services. Upgrading partner companies have finished dozens of projects successfully and know the best ways to accomplish this. They have experience in dealing with the challenges and unexpected problems occurring during the upgrade process.

#4: Total cost of in-house development is too high. What are the total costs of development in your company? Looking for a vendor to compare prices or discuss alternatives might help. Our partners often want to compare costs of Dynamics NAV development projects in-house vs. costs of offshore partner development. When comparing the prices, keep in mind to evaluate not only hourly rates but include the total cost of work done: infrastructure costs, managing, communicating, testing, doing support, etc.

#5: Manage your time commitments. A development partner company can help if you have too much on your plate right now and a lot of projects are still waiting in a queue.

#6: Need to get fresh insights. Fresh insights into your development cases help to improve and optimize current activities. A software development partner, who is an expert in his field, can provide a good discussion on what the current trends are, what and when suitable changes should be done in the development process. For example, using of automated Dynamics NAV upgrade tools which contain the best upgrade practices and provide more accurate results faster than doing it manually.

If these situations are familiar to you, it might be helpful to start looking for a Microsoft Dynamics NAV development partner. A partner company must be able to complement your existing skills. Therefore, you need to look for professionals whose core competence is the skill you need to improve the most. Simplanova can be a good fit for your company. We offer Microsoft Dynamics NAV development services and specialize in upgrades using automated upgrade tools. Contact Simplanova to discuss these and other matters and to find out how Simplanova can make your company’s service a competitive advantage.

 By Vilija Buteniene, Simplanova Marketing Manager


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