Top 5 Simplanova blog posts of 2023

The year is ending, and we can review how productive they were and what innovations they brought to the Dynamics world. Looking back to 2023, we found a lot of trending news and insights, which we want to share with you again.


Top 5 articles of 2023

1. Story about Data Sorting in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

In this article, Marko Saric reviews a few possibilities of data sorting you can use in Dynamics 365 Business Central. Have a look here.

2. Translation files for your Dynamics 365 Business Central app: tips and tricks

Almost every Dynamics NAV / 365 Business Central solution uses multi-language functionality, allowing to display UI in different languages. Using C/AL – we have to fill in the CaptionML property with a desired translation. Using AL – we have to use the XLIFF file for the same purpose. Both achieve the same goal, but both are very different technologies. This article will guide you through translation files creation from the beginning to the end and give some useful tips on making this process easier and faster in Business Central. Have a look here.

3. Utilizing The System Application’s Sharepoint Connector Module to Manage Files in Dynamics 365 Business Central

Ever since the release of Business Central 21, the system application has been supplied with a variety of modules that offer BC developers various tools to help them achieve the result they need. However, when migrating to the cloud, developers often have issues refactoring various file system usage cases, specifically – the file management codeunit. The purpose of this guideline is to provide an introduction to the system application’s Sharepoint connector module, which can aid the developer by providing an alternative to file management. Have a look here.

4. How to integrate into a new routine of posting in Business Central version 19

Since BC version 19, Microsoft has introduced a new posting interface, as a result, you might have to refactor your code depending on how you conceived your integration into a routine of posting in Business Central version 19. Let’s start by looking into what has changed. In this article, you will find what was changed. Have a look here.

5. Business Central 21, Business Central 22 Breaking changes

Upgrading software to newer versions often involves a series of changes and adjustments to ensure seamless compatibility and improved functionality. In the context of Business Central, upgrading from previous versions to BC21, BC22 may require developers to address breaking changes and refactor their extensions. This article will explore some of the most common issues encountered during this upgrade process and provide solutions to rework the extensions when upgrading to Business Central 21, Business Central 22 OnPrem version. Have a look here.



We hope you enjoyed Simplanova’s review of the most popular articles of 2023 and are ready for new blog posts, reviews, and insights that 2024 will bring!

From our Simplanova team to yours, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a joyous Holiday Season filled with laughter, love, and success!