Developing with JavaScript for Dynamics 365 BC

Webinar Recording | Q&A

Thank you for attending our webinar: Developing with JavaScript for Dynamics 365 BC.

The webinar overviewed these practices and steps:

1. Adding control add-in
Add control add-in to the page and set up the necessary setup.
2. Invoking events
JavaScript lets us modify Dynamics 365 Business Central page – modify the page to create on load event – message.
3. Factbox control add-in
Create a factbox-control add-in page in order to add it to any page.
4. Embedding customer‘s Home page to FactBox
Improve our add-in with the customer’s home page. This shows how to transfer information from NAV to Javascript.
5. Managing add-in with NAV actions
Not wanting to load the page on every customer? Let’s create an action for loading it.
6. Managing add-in with Javascript Buttons
Let’s go even further – auto-create buttons in control add-in to load our webpage. This part shows how to create buttons to communicate back to Navision.


Please find all questions and answers below

Please find the project shared during the webinar in the GIT repository here.

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