Webinar Video and Q&A: Automated Tools That Will Change Your Upgrade to Extensions Process

Justina Žiūraitė

Marketing Manager

Topic: Webinars

Date: 7 Nov 2019

Thank you for attending our webinar: Automated Tools That Will Change Your Upgrade to Extensions Process.

During the live webinar, the following topics have been explored:

Automate the NAV solution code upgrade to events with Simplanova Upgrade to Events tool.
Upgrade to Events tool:
-Analyzes C/AL code;
-Creates subscriber codeunits, moves page and table trigger modifications to them;
-Clears standard object modifications;
-Adds comment to code lines which cannot be moved to an event.

Stop rebuilding C/SIDE reports manually – you can now automate their conversion to Extensions. There is a process now on automating old C/SIDE report conversion to extensions which does not require any yearly license fees!

Automated Tools That Will Change Your Upgrade to Extensions Process

Please find all questions and answers below

Q: How would the Upgrade to Events tool help if changing up a version? Would you upgrade as it is, then run the tool?

A: The tool is not upgrading from one version to another, it is created for code moving to events. Basically, you are moving your customizations outside the standard NAV/ Business Central. For example, this helps while moving to extensions because you need less work with separating your customizations from the standard ones.


Q: Regarding Report Converter, do you plan to provide support for Word as an AL format?

A: If you are talking about the report layouts, unfortunately, the answer right now is no. This tool is supporting Classic to RDLC and RDLC to RDLC (only for C/AL to AL) conversion.


Q: Does the report converter support Barcodes, 2D barcodes, MICR?

A: If it works with the classic and if it’s not generated with some hardcore custom libraries, then the tool supports Barcodes as well.


Q: Regarding Event tool, if we need to migrate a customer with an older NAV version and we would like to ask you a quotation in order to move to events/extensions, we need to make the modification in Business central before sending the whole fob/txt?

A: The answer is no. We can do this conversion for you, so you don’t need to do that by yourself.


Q: Do you plan to support TransFooter/TransHeader?

A: Currently, no. Our tool does not support TransHeaders/TransFooters, so you need to do these adjustments manually. These functionalities are not supported on the newer versions of Business Central, it’s supported only on the classic version, so this is one of the reasons why we didn’t implement this functionality with our tool.


Q: How do we get the free trial of the Report Converter?

A: Just simply contact sales@simplanova.com, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


Q: Can you modify an existing report to an extension?

A: Yes, we can with Visual Studio.


Q: What’s the typical load time if we handed you a 100 report file to convert? I know it would take a couple of days to do the work, but how long would it be before you could start?

A: First of all, it’s gonna take for us approximately 5 business days to do the estimation. It’s difficult to answer how much time the project itself will take because without having the numbers after estimation, it’s difficult to tell. It depends on the complexity of the reports, our team workload, and resources as well. Each case will be different. And if you are going to buy points, you can do that immediately by yourself.


Q: Do you provide support for us if we try to convert, but have problems?

A: If you are talking about the tool, of course, we will provide you with access to our support portal, where you can log all the issues and our guys will definitely help you with that. Actually, this is the way how we are developing the tool itself. We are doing releases a few times a year, and we are adding new functionalities or fixing bugs according to your experience.


Q: You’re in a different time zone, do you have people available with GMT hours?

A: Usually, we are trying to work according to the client’s needs. If it is an urgent matter, we can help you as well. The main rule is that we answer within 5 business hours according to our work schedule.


Q: Does your migration tool converts to AL Wave 2?

A: It migrates objects to AL, but you need to fix breaking changes by yourself.


Feeling that webinar wasn’t enough for you and want to know more about Simplanova automated tools? Contact us at sales@simplanova.com or fill in the form below, and we will contact you shortly!





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