Simplanova Upgrade to Events Tool

Simplanova is developing Upgrade to Events Tool, which moves Dynamics NAV / 365 Business central code to Events automatically. This tool now is used by Simplanova team internally.

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As we have experienced previously, upgrading to the Dynamics 365 Business Central Extensions may take a lot of time. Adapting code to Dynamics 365 Business Central Events based programming is one of the fundamental tasks when moving to extensions.


For moving the code to Events we have to:

  • Identify custom code;
  • Create subscribers codeunit;
  • Create event subscriber;
  • Transfer code to event subscriber;
  • Remove code from standard object


Instead of making earlier mentioned steps manually, during Dynamics 365 Business Central Upgrade to extensions projects our team uses Upgrade to Events tool (this tool now is used by Simplanova team internally for extensions projects and currently we do not offer it to partners).


How Upgrade to Events Tool Works

Simplanova Upgrade to Events tool moves Dynamics NAV/365 Business Central code (supported up to latest version) to events automatically.

By using the automated upgrade to extensions tools we reduce the scope of the projects. If You want to get a free evaluation for your Dynamics NAV / 365 Business Central upgrade to Extensions project – just fill in the Form below.

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