Top 7 Reasons to Upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015

Microsoft announced Dynamics NAV 2015 in September, 2014. Despite its new and important features, not every customer is planning to upgrade to the Dynamics NAV 2015. This blog post reveals top reasons to upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015.

#1 Microsoft Dynamics NAV Tablet Client

A new interface called “Microsoft Dynamics NAV for Tablet” was introduced. This means that all small and mid-sized businesses can access their company data from a tablet, no matter where physically the users are.

#2 Document Reporting in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015

NAV 2015 has a complete integration with Microsoft Word. With the latest Dynamics NAV upgrade users can start using Microsoft Word to create and manage report layouts in Dynamics NAV. Multiple layouts enable users to create their own customized reports and easily import them into NAV for immediate use.

#3 Improved User Experience

Simplified UX and improved user interface, for example, auto-fill function, total amount display on all the sales and purchase documents, etc. Sales Orders, Purchase Orders, Quotes and more can now have the totals displayed at the bottom instead of using the Statistics window. The user interface Elements Removal feature can be used to remove user interface elements, such as fields and actions from pages in Microsoft Dynamics NAV so that the Role Center and pages become easier to navigate.
Certain fields are shown in red as mandatory data entry. This feature allows users to know exactly which fields require input.

#4 Quicker Payments

A Bank Data Conversion Service on Microsoft Azure allows to convert electronic bank statements into data and upload it in the ERP database easily. The bank statements in Dynamics NAV can be imported/exported from/to bank transactions with World’s 25 leading banks. Upgrade to NAV 2015 also offers features that include verification and confirmation of VAT Registration numbers, simplified payment reconciliation, improved payment export.

#5 Office 365 Integration

Office 365 Integration makes working across all applications effortless, as it allows the customers to analyse, share and collaborate with colleagues.

#6 Customized Tiles on Role Center

Important business data and key performance indicators are visually represented in tiles on the Role Center. Dynamics NAV 2015 allows to configure these tiles with images and colors to make them more noticeable. Customized tiles also enables to set decimal places. This feature makes it more convenient to prioritize tasks and control the final results.

#7 RapidStart services in NAV 2015

RapidStart services in NAV 2015 enables a user to convert or map values from a different ERP system into Dynamics NAV. RapidStart upgrades make it more convenient to troubleshoot and carry out upgrades and updates making them cost effective.

These more user friendly features in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 minimize users’ effort and simplify working process. Other improvements, e.g. bank’s financial data management, help users to adhere to strict government norms and complex regulations. Upgrading to the newest version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV enables users to realise these valuable opportunities. Upgrades to Dynamics NAV 2015 can be faster, professional and more efficient with Simplanova. Request a free quote for your upgrade project here.

 By Vilija Buteniene, Simplanova Marketing Manager

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