The most popular Simplanova’s blog posts of 2019

2019 has been an eventful year for Dynamics 365 Business Central Community. Looking back to 2019, we found a lot of trending news and insights which we want to share with you once again. So, what has been trending over the year? We are here to give you the answers.

The most popular articles of 2019:

1.Dynamics 365 BC Wave 2 Release: What Happens Now?

The most popular article of 2019 in which Stefano Demiliani reviews the most important features and changes of Wave 2 release. Have a read here.

2. TXT2AL Tool: How to Convert C/Side Solution to AL

In this article, our Developer Justinas explains how to use Microsoft’s TXT2AL tool to convert your C/Side solution to AL language. Go and have a read here.

3. Best Practices for Starting with Dynamics 365 Business Central Extensions

Stefano Demiliani lists his personal 10 rules/best practices/recommendations to start working for Dynamics 365 Business Central Extensions. It is useful to keep them in mind when starting working with AL. Full article here.

4. Tips And Tricks on How to Start Using Dynamics 365 Business Central Docker

Justinas is showing how to setup Docker for Dynamics 365 Business Central and sharing a few great tips on using it. Full blog post here.

5. Dynamics 365 Business Central AL Automated Tests: How to Start?

In this blog post, Justinas explains the importance of AL automated tests and talks on how you should structure your Dynamics 365 Business Central AL automated tests. Have a look here.

6. Top Tips and Tricks on How to Create Per-tenant Extensions

Last, but not least – article on how to create Per-tenant extensions, in which Dmitry Katson explains in depth why we need to have Per-tenant extension. Read the full article here.

We hope you enjoyed Simplanova’s review of the most popular industry insights of 2019 and are ready for new blog posts, reviews, and insights which 2020 will bring!