What Does Increasing Dynamics NAV Upgrade Performance by 30 (now 54) Percent Really Mean?

What are the main priorities of companies to reach success in their market? How do they plan to manage activities properly and stay ahead of the competition? Recent research showed that growth (53%), cost reduction (40%), innovation (34%) are the activities companies are looking for the most (via Entrepreneur). What do you do to improve these fields today? Has your company developed techniques or tools that can help you reduce costs or stimulate growth, or introduce innovative approach to everyday activities?

Meaning of increasing Dynamics NAV upgrade performance by 30 (now 54) %

We have evaluated what increasing Microsoft Dynamics NAV upgrade performance by 30% means to a Dynamics Partners’ company. And in one year period of time since 2014, we have increased this number up to 54 percent.

  • 30 (now 54) % better Microsoft Dynamics NAV upgrade performance means ability to start new project faster, when workload is reduced and Dynamics NAV upgrade projects waiting in line are finished faster than it is stated on the initial schedule.

  • Up to 30 (now 54) % work-time saved for other important Dynamics NAV projects, especially important for ISV companies.

  • Save time – cut costs. How much time and effort is dedicated to test and fix bugs in Dynamics NAV upgrade? Manual work automation can help Dynamics Partners avoid human mistakes and reduce time for completing tasks in Microsoft Dynamics NAV upgrade.

  • It means that your company values your Dynamics NAV professionals. If they could avoid a lot of repetitive tasks and pay more attention to your customers’ needs, Client Satisfaction scores could rise.

  • How does performance of your top Dynamics NAV developers compare to others in the industry? Increasing performance often means you gain a higher position in customer preferences.

  • Sometimes Dynamics NAV partners are occupied with loads of consulting and development work. Developers need to attend to a new Dynamics NAV upgrade project but the existing implementation still needs to happen on time. If the Partner specializes only in Dynamics NAV, it can be critical to shrink time-to-upgrade.

  • How concentrating only on current issues “helps” forgetting about a mission statement?

At Simplanova, our developers have been analyzing Dynamics NAV development and upgrade processes to get deeper understanding of the possibility to improve them. They have noticed that some parts of work can be automated and help avoid manual errors and repetitive tasks. Now our automated tools enable us to make upgrade process up to 54 percent faster in comparison to project performance time without the tools. We have gathered performance data throughout projects of various sizes and complexity in order to be able to evaluate the efficiency of our tools. For us, increasing Dynamics NAV upgrade performance up to 30 (now 54) percent means accelerating our clients’ growth through slightly transforming the way they manage their projects now.

 By Vilija Buteniene, Simplanova Marketing Manager


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