How to Meet Customer Demand for Faster Dynamics NAV Upgrades

Global competition in the Microsoft Dynamics NAV market is getting increasingly intense. With customers also demanding faster Dynamics NAV upgrades, developers are under pressure to make the best use of their resources so they can meet deadlines and remain competitive.

Partner with a specialist

Many NAV developers recognize that partnership with an upgrade specialist can help to bridge the gap in their internal resources and deliver a fast, quality service to their enterprise customers. Partnering can help to resolve four challenges facing NAV developers.

  • They want to make more efficient use of their own resources
  • They don’t have specific experience or knowledge
  • They have too many projects to develop and support at the same time
  • They don’t have the automated tools to make the upgrade process faster.

Simplanova is a Microsoft Dynamics NAV upgrade specialist. The company understands the challenges facing NAV developers, and has provided essential skills and resources to partners throughout the world. A number of recent projects illustrate the benefits partnership can bring.

Recent success stories

Harmonize IT

Belgian software house Harmonize IT had taken responsibility for completing a Resilux solution started by another partner. The company needed to complete the upgrading of 73 standard and customized Resilux reports from version 3.7 to version 8.00.

To improve operational efficiency and maintain quality within strict guidelines, Harmonize IT chose Simplanova as a partner to upgrade the reports. Simplanova was able to meet Harmony IT’s criteria for automation, clear communication, best practice and professional support.

Simplanova used an iterative approach, delivering upgraded reports regularly. This kept the Harmonize IT team informed on progress and enabled the project to be delivered in just two weeks.

Elbek & Vejrup

Elbek & Vejrup, a Danish company specializing in the integration of business solutions, was working with a customer to upgrade a solution from NAV 4.0 to NAV 2013 R2. Although the project was on schedule, Elbek & Vejrup recognized that they did not have the skills or resources to complete the upgrading of the reports – a critical part of the project.

Elbek & Vejrup decided to partner with Simplanova to complete the report upgrades on a time and material basis. Simplanova’s development team had the experience and best practice to meet the client’s quality standards, and used automated tools to accelerate the upgrade process.

By delivering upgrades weekly and reporting regularly, Simplanova was able to deliver the project within four weeks. Elbek & Vejrup was able to access essential resources and meet its clients’ needs efficiently.


GEMKO Information Group is a value-added reseller of business solutions. The company needed to upgrade an add-on to ProjectPro construction industry software to the latest NAV version, but wanted to improve upgrading efficiency..

GEMKO asked Simplanova to carry out the project based on its extensive Dynamics NAV upgrade experience. The upgrade was semi-automated with results reviewed later to optimize the process and complete within the timeframe.

During a three-month support period, Simplanova connected the GEMKO team to a support system that enabled a rapid response and resolution within 48 hours. GEMKO has now selected Simplanova as a long-term partner, gaining the resources to keep its ProjectPro clients upgraded to the latest version of NAV.

Young & Partners

Young & Partners focuses on back-office solutions for logistics service providers. When the company decided to upgrade its customers from NAViTrans 6.53 F1 to 7.10 W1, its development team was already heavily involved in other important projects.

When a major customer needed an urgent upgrade during a busy holiday period, Young & Partners found it was struggling to find resources. By partnering with Simplanova, the company was able to complete the upgrade and merge the NaviTrans add-on. Simplanova worked as an extension to Young & Partners’ development team, updating them weekly and using automated tools to meet the deadline and reduce costs.

Partnering adds value

Partnering in this way enables development teams to increase their capacity, access scarce skills and improve service to clients while improving efficiency and focusing on other strategic projects.

Simplanova is a development company working only with Microsoft Dynamics Partners, specializing in Dynamics NAV (formerly Navision) upgrade and development.

Contact us – we can help you by giving the ability to acquire the skills needed, cut overtime costs and increase the efficiency of your Microsoft Dynamics NAV development services. Let‘s discuss your case!


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