Offshoring and Onshoring: How to Manage and Maintain Relationship

While the public debate on the advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing continues, companies benefit from cost savings and focusing on core competencies. Companies which were successful to find trusworthy partners have pleased their investors with even greater profits while there are those who did not find such success. Let us examine how simply attitudes and miscommunication might lead to a loss of a potentially good software development outsourcing partner.

The biggest threat to maintain offshore relationship, according to researchers of IT developers’ offshoring attitudes, is the onshore company‘s team‘s attitude and perception of their offshore colleagues. The researchers claim that problems occur if the staff does not treat the offshore teammates equally, does not share the same identity. This makes the communication harder and a rise in support costs if the work done by offshore companies has to be constantly reviewed. It becomes harder to coordinate tasks and could lead to missing deadlines regularly. Tips on how to prepare your development process to be outsourced can be found here.

Another misconception by the team is seeing the offshore company as a threat to their jobs. This leads to unwillingness to transfer the knowledge offshore and any progress becomes impossible given such situation.

A few solutions might be implemented to overcome these issues and save your partnership offshore. Firstly, a positive attitude towards outsourcing could be promoted among the team members. This could not be done if the employees do not feel secure about their job. And if they are, the likelihood of changing their attitude to maintain offshore relationship would be much higher. Furthermore, a clear distribution of the responsibilities and tasks has to take place and this is also likely to decrease the uncertainty. And the best way to do that is by letting your employees face challenging tasks daily. They would feel more secure even if the routine or non-routine tasks are outsourced to their colleagues offshore.

 By Vilija Buteniene, Simplanova Marketing Manager


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