The Deadline for Upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018 is April 1st, 2019 – Updated

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is the past, and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central should be the future. According to the newest information, which appears and is updated each day, it is hard to follow up all the news. We have published earlier last week, just after the official announcement from Microsoft at Directions North America 2018, that the sales of the new NAV 2018 licences for the new customers will stop at January 1st, 2019. But last week Microsoft updated this information and extended the period of the new NAV 2018 license sales. It is April 1st, 2019 when Dynamics NAV 2018, sold via the DPL, will no longer be available for new customers.

This date is important to remember and mark in the calendars of Dynamics Community. April 1st, 2019 is the deadline to upgrade/transition Dynamics NAV 2009-2017 to Dynamics NAV 2018. We have read some official Microsoft statements in different channels and want to share it with our partners.

What are the purchasing options for the new customers?

  • Dynamics 365 Business Central on-premises via DPL
  • Dynamics 365 Business Central cloud via Cloud Solution Provider program (CSP)

Existing Dynamics NAV 2018 customers may continue to purchase additional Dynamics NAV 2018 licenses as needed.
Impacted Channel: Dynamics Price List (DPL)
Impacted Products: Dynamics NAV 2018
Impacted Customers: New
Impacted Countries: Worldwide

How does this change impact existing Dynamics NAV customers?

  1. Existing Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018 customers may continue to purchase additional licenses from the Dynamics NAV 2018 price list.
  2. Existing Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 customers may continue to purchase additional licenses from the Dynamics NAV 2009 price list

It is important to note, that orders for NAV BRL AM users may require adjustment to ensure the pricing is based on the appropriate user price tiers. These orders will be validated and adjusted, if necessary, by the Order Management Team.

Can Dynamics NAV 2009-2017 customers upgrade to Dynamics NAV 2018 till April 1st, 2019?

Yes. If you have  NAV 2009-2017 license and you were paying BREP, you will be able to upgrade/transition to Dynamics NAV 2018 till April 1st, 2019. You will keep concurrent user license type if you upgrade to NAV 2018.

Can I buy a new NAV 2018 license after January 1st, 2019? (Updated)

Yes, you can. Microsoft updated their previous announcement and exceeded the date of new NAV 2018 licence sales till April 1st, 2019. From this date Dynamics NAV 2018, sold via the DPL, will no longer be available for new customers. Previously, it was communicated that Dynamics NAV 2018 (DPL) would not be available for new sales effective January 1st, 2019.
What are the Dynamics 365 Business Central license types and prices you can find in our previous blog post here.

Can Dynamics NAV 2009 customers transition directly to Dynamics Business Central on-premises?

As of October 1st, 2018, Dynamics NAV 2009 and Dynamics NAV 2018 customers who are current on their Enhancement Plan can upgrade/transition directly to Dynamics 365 Business Central on-premises.

What will happen to my concurrent users if I upgrade from NAV 2009-2018 to Dynamics 365 Business Central?

Moving from concurrent to named users is addressed by a straight “two for one”. So for every Starter Pack you would get six full named users and for every concurrent full user you get two concurrent named users.

How do I request a transition to Microsoft Dynamics 365 business Central on-premises for my Dynamics NAV customers?

For the following customer type, partners can process transition orders online via Order Central:

  • NAV 2018 Perpetual Customers (without an Extended Pack)

For the following customer types, partners will need to submit a transition order request to their local Regional Operations Center:

  • NAV 2009 Modular Based Licensing (MBL)
  • NAV 2009 Business Ready Licensing (BRL)
  • NAV 2018 Perpetual customers (with an Extended Pack)

Can new customers purchase from the Dynamics 365 Business Central on-premises and downgrade to NAV 2018?

Downgrades from Dynamics 365 Business Central on-premises are not permitted.