Webinar Video and Q&A: Automated Tools for NAV Upgrade to Extensions

Justina Žiūraitė

Marketing Manager

Topic: Webinars

Date: 30 May 2019

Thank you for attending our webinar: Automated Tools for NAV Upgrade to Extensions

During the live webinar, we have shared our experience on Automated Tools for Nav Upgrade to Extensions, including Simplanova Upgrade to Events tool and Simplanova Report Converter.

The following topics have been explored during the online session:

  • how to move Dynamics NAV/365 Business Central (up to latest version) code to events automatically with Simplanova Upgrade to Events tool (this tool now is used by Simplanova team internally for extensions projects and currently we do not offer it to partners);
  • how to convert C/SIDE reports to RDLC reports and extensions automatically with Simplanova Report Converter.

Automated Tools for NAV Upgrade to Extensions

Please find all questions and answers below

Q: Can we also convert codeunits to AL with Upgrade to Events tool?

A: In the current version no, but we are working on this feature and it’s going to be available in the near future.


Q: What happens if the Integration Event does not exist?

A: Currently tool marks such lines and you need to create integration event manually. In later releases tool is going to create a new integration event.


Q: To be able to test these tools, do we have to contact you at [email protected]? Or do we have to do anything else to get access?

A: You can test Report converter yourself by contacting [email protected], talking about Events tool – you can contact us now, however, the access is not open yet, but we would like to have a list of first testers, so when releasing the tool in October you would be the first one to be notified.


Q: Does the C/AL to events and to AL code tool price depends on amounts of objects or we only pay for the tool?

A: We haven’t estimated the price at the moment, because it is a new tool. Please stay tuned for more information. If you have other questions regarding your projects on C/AL to AL, or how to move the code to events, don’t hesitate to contact us.


Q: Report converter – how much is the overall cost per license-point?

A: Please write at [email protected] and we will be happy to share a price list with you.


Q: Does the report converter tool have some restrictions based on the range objects are placed on (localization range)?

A: No, it doesn’t have any restrictions.


Q: Does it move Form code to Page extensions?

A: No, you need to convert the form to page firstly.


Q: Can the tool convert additional table fields to extension?

A: For suck conversion use txt2al, for now, Event tool deals only with existing fields.


Q: What happens if you have .Net or Automations in your code?

A: For now just copy such places as it is, but we are trying to figure out some scenarios with Javascript and Azure functions combination for the future.


Q: Conversion tool: you have mentioned previously, that if it failed to convert something, it will leave the code remmed out. Is there any way to get this in a form of the report so you do not have to go through all the objects manually?

A: For now it’s impossible, but we are going to add this functionality in the upcoming release.


Q: Report converter: did you manage the problem related to the conversion transheader/transfooter? Also, how about the conversion of empty sections like groupheader/groupfooter?

A: Tool still not converting transheaders/transfooters. For empty groupheader/groupfooter, Report Converter tool deals with these type of sections.


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