Automated NAV Upgrade Doesn’t Mean You Aren’t Involved

Several parts of Microsoft Dynamics NAV (formerly Navision) upgrade have been already automated. What are the benefits and concerns of the automated NAV upgrade? Does it mean that Dynamics NAV upgrade process automation leaves your certified and creative developers not involved?

Dynamics NAV 2013 upgrade and its challenges

Dynamics NAV 2013 brought some important possibilities as well as challenges for Microsoft Partners:
Object (form, report, dataport, menusuite) conversion to the Role-Tailored Client,
Multiple stages of data conversion,
Dimension rewriting,
Building Role Centers,
Using .NET components,
Training users,
RapidStart Services.

Dynamics NAV upgrade automation may improve speed to market and increase flexibility to plan projects and meet customers deadlines properly.

Automated NAV upgrade will deliver benefits to both the Dynamics customers and providers:
providers can expect a significant reduction in the number of hours required to manage upgrade projects, therefore the customers may have more flexible schedules for NAV upgrade projects. The customers will notice reduced fees for automated Dynamics NAV upgrade as well as see improvement in terms of upgrade process quality. The recent research says that compilation (build) failure rates are not related to compilation (build) frequency or IT developer experience. Thus it is important to reduce manual errors for both companies that have a big team of experienced NAV developers as well as a team with junior and experienced NAV developers.

Short story about our company’s automated NAV upgrade

Our Dynamics NAV developers say, they really enjoy their work, but repetitive tasks still had been very annoying. They had been thinking that there should have been another way to develop a little bit faster and with fewer errors. They have been improving automated NAV upgrade tools for a couple of years to test them and lastly to help their co-workers to handle tasks faster.They found these tools time transformative, and it’s very inspiring since time is one of the most valuable resources. The company was new in the market and wanted to find innovative ways to do it better since the first months. The employees were excited and concerned about company’s future plans, revenues and profit. So they started from time reduction. At first, they wanted to make a difference for their NAV development department, and later to help other companies to understand this benefit and encourage to dedicate time to create automated upgrade tools. Saving 30 per cent of upgrade time means free additional hours to your developers, who can pay more attention to your customers, improve your services or products or work on new projects.
We think that people who work to reach the business goals and cooperate in the introduction of changes in current development practices in a team are the main company’s asset. If this team is capable to create an innovative difference for company’s customers, if this team is creative and willing to improve, it is the biggest company’s asset. We noticed, that automated NAV upgrade tools help improve upgrade performance, keep developers motivated as they can avoid long manual tasks.

Why Dynamics NAV upgrade process automation still needs your people’s ideas

Dynamics NAV upgrade automation leads to increased process quality, which means faster processing time and reduced error rates. This lets concentrate on testing and the highest quality assurance for Dynamics customers.
Research about motivating developer performance has shown that the best developers are the software developers with a proactive, flexible, adaptable approach and are prepared to share knowledge and follow good practice. Isn’t partial automation of the process attractive in terms of being more flexible in time? Isn’t ability to schedule your time more flexibly related to being proactive? Doesn’t developing of automated tools encourage to share knowledge and discuss technical improvement of the processes? Has your company created opportunities for your developers to improve their work and share knowledge? Do they have time for that at work?

 By Vilija Buteniene, Simplanova Marketing Manager

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Simplanova is a development company working only with Microsoft Dynamics Partners, specializing in Dynamics NAV (formerly Navision) upgrade. We help Dynamics Partners by giving the ability to acquire the skills needed, cut overtime costs and increase the efficiency of Microsoft Dynamics NAV development services.

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