6 Questions to Ask before Buying a Tool to Upgrade NAV Reports

Since Microsoft Dynamics partners have put performance of daily activities as a daily routine, saving costs and finding better ways to allocate resources took a big part of strategic operations management. Upgrading classic reports to RDLC (report definition language client) usually takes a lot of time of your developers’ schedule. Thus it is critical to start optimization of the processes from this point.

Upgrade NAV Reports: Common Concerns

These are the common concerns regarding report upgrade in Dynamics NAV:

  • it takes long time to complete an upgrade
  • customers have to wait longer for an upgrade project to be completed, so they may decide to stay with the older version or at least be considering the upgrade for longer
  • it is a repetitive task for your developers and it doesn’t help to keep developers motivated
  • your developers involved to technical reports upgrading rather than working on a customer’s requested features and support

Luckily, there are solutions to avoid these bottlenecks. So how has the upgrading to RDLC reports changed? How could we improve this process in order to make it more efficient and valuable to our customers?

Yes, it can be automated. These issues have been solved by upgrade automation. It can boost the efficiency of your upgrade process. There are tools in the market that can help you upgrade classic reports to RDLC automatically in a few hours or even minutes.

Questions to Consider before Buying a Tool to Upgrade NAV Reports

Don’t hesitate to dig deeper and ensure that the automation fully meets your specific needs. A general solution doesn’t fit you. Ask questions about the processes that bother you. These are the questions you may want to ask before you buy a tool for Dynamics NAV reports upgrade:

  1. How is the whole process of upgrading reports working?
  2. What are the final deliverables?
  3. What is the pricing? Should you pay only for upgrading reports? Or for both upgrading and using upgraded reports daily? Are you able to choose subscription of these tools and pay monthly or yearly, or make a payment for only the reports you need to upgrade at that moment?
  4. Is it applicable for upgrading add-ons, as well as a bespoke NAV solution?
  5. How will inaccuracies and errors of the tool be handled? Will you get support immediately, without disrupting your project?
  6. Will all the features of transformed RDLC reports work as expected? Page breaks, dynamic headers, etc.?

Reports upgrading in Dynamics NAV can be faster and easier with automated tools but it has to meet your specific needs. If you are planning to buy a tool/service to upgrade NAV classic reports to RDLC format, make sure you have considered these questions in order to ensure your report upgrade success.
 By Vilija Buteniene, Simplanova Marketing Manager

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