NAV Upgrade Assessment Tool

A snapshot of your solution and analysis report for upgrading your Dynamics NAV to Business Central.

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Our Dynamics NAV to Business Central Assessment Tool is a special process where we take some key data points of your existing solution and provide you a snapshot of what your solution has, what add-ons you have, and if your add-ons have migration tools and an assessment on how difficult it would be to upgrade it to Business Central.


The service is designed for Dynamics NAV users who are thinking about upgrading their Dynamics NAV solution to Business Central SaaS and would like to have a better understanding of what migration paths they could take and how difficult it would be for them to migrate their solution.

To get the upgrade assessment report, you would have to download our assessment tool in .fob file using this link and then follow the instructions to install it in your NAV/BC solution. Once installed, you can open the generated URL, which will take you to the landing page with the assessment report.


Alternatively, you can leave your contact details below, and your Partner will help you.

Facts about Simplanova Upgrade to Dynamics 365 Business Central services
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450+ successful Dynamics NAV / 365 Business Central Upgrade projects

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104 500 hours saved for Dynamics NAV / 365 Business Central Upgrade projects

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Simplanova has helped Microsoft Partners in 38 countries

The Assessment Tool will show you:

  • Snapshot of your solution: database size, localization, number of standard and customized objects;
  • Add-on information: what add-ons you have, which of them have migration toolkit and BC extensions available;
  • An assessment of how difficult it would be to migrate your solution to Business Central SaaS;
  • Suggested migration to Business Central path.

Business Central Upgrade Assessment Tool

If you need help installing the assessment tool, please leave your contacts and we will get in touch with you.