Frequently Asked Questions

Find out all answers about Simplanova Dynamics NAV services.

1. Why should our company choose you as opposed to other sources?

We specialize in Dynamics NAV, introducing innovations and bringing development processes higher than ever, invest continuously in human resources to acquire the skills needed in the market. At Simplanova we give a special focus to the needs of our partners, working together to help them achieve their long term strategic goals.

2. We are not sure if outsourcing would work for us.

Your projects can be divided in parts which can be outsourced, see more about how we would anticipate in your processes. Working with Simplanova would gain your company a competitive advantage, give you additional resources you might lack and improve efficiencies. Apply here and experience it yourself.

3. Our developers have extensive knowledge and experience in our products and customers, is it possible to outsource?

Since you have the main knowledge of your products and customers, we are expecting you to carry out the consulting of the customers, requirement gathering and functional design of the products. We maintain a close relationship with our partners thus all the knowledge we might lack regarding your products can be transferred through Q-A sessions, follow-up meetings, e-mails and other forms of communication.

4. Can you help if our company has temporary workload and the project has to be completed very quickly?

Yes, although usually Simplanova’s partners are looking for a long-term partnership, we also help companies which struggle with temporary workload.

1. How would you handle a project? How would our processes merge?

The documents below showcase our approach to the Dynamics NAV upgrade and development projects. Contact us if you want to learn more.

2. How will the progress be observed?

Project progress will be discussed during the project update meetings. Simplanova will provide project status reports. The frequency of reports depends on partner’s preferences.

3. How are the projects managed?

Projects are managed by both parties. We provide a project manager who is responsible for the communication and reporting and a team of developers who work on the project. We expect you to execute the projects as you normally would and incorporate our service in the technical design, development, testing and support phases.

4. How many developers could you assign for our project?

It depends on the project size, complexity and our workload.

5. Have you done any Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018 upgrade?

Yes, we have done successful upgrades to Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018. Contact us if you would like your ISV solution to be upgraded to Dynamics NAV 2018 or if you would like to upgrade from your old Dynamics NAV version to Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018 or other.

6. How do your automated tools work?

We have developed automated tools which help us prepare custom solutions for the new version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV and the Role-Tailored Client. The automated upgrade tools allow us to automatically transform matrix forms, Dataports to Xmlports and Classic reports to RDLC reports. This allows us for better performance, more consistency and less possibilities for human error in upgrade projects.

Also we have semi-automated code merge tool, which allows us to save time on transferring customizations to new version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Automated evaluation tool allows us to identify changes more precisely, identify pain-points in the customized solution and plan the Dynamics NAV upgrade more accurately. In some cases we are able to identify customizations which are no longer in use or replaced by Microsoft Dynamics NAV advancements, which leads to upgrade cost reduction.

The results generated using tools are reviewed by our developers thereafter, thus the best quality of the upgrade is ensured.

1. What are the warranties? How long is the support term?

The support term can be up to 3 months after the project is finished. The standard support term is one month. The support term for the upgrade projects are the following: 3 months for Gold NAV upgrade and 1 month for Light NAV upgrade. More details about Microsoft Dynamics NAV upgrade packages you can read here.

2. What measures are taken to ensure high quality?

We are constantly learning, hiring the best people to our team and making sure they are Microsoft Certified Professionals. Additionally, Simplanova’s team is constantly improving tools to the extent that more processes would be automated and become less prone to human error. We test using our internal testing system, we analyze and improve both: our individual defects and overall quality metrics. Finally, we are continuously improving our business processes to provide both: high quality Microsoft Dynamics NAV services and experience.

3. Can we be sure you will not work directly with our customers?

Simplanova works with Microsoft Dynamics Partners only, our business model would stop working if we tried to work with the end-users directly. We make sure that relevant agreements are signed with every partner we work.

4. How is the safety of data ensured?

Protecting your customers’ data is of high importance to Simplanova. We commit to that by signing the Non-disclosure Agreement.

5. How will you ensure that projects are done on time?

We are committed to our partners and we provide our services based on the schedule agreed upon in the Services Agreement. To do so we evaluate the work thoroughly and assign the resources needed to deliver the projects on time.

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