Webinar video and Q&A: Upgrade to extensions: limitations and workarounds | 1st Edition

Ieva Kavaliauskaite

Marketing Manager

Topic: Webinars

Date: 10 Sep 2021

Thank you for attending our webinar: “Upgrade to extensions: limitations and workarounds”.


The session explored the most popular limitations and refactoring cases developers face when upgrading from Dynamics NAV to Dynamics 365 Business Central. During the webinar, we gave some tips & tricks as well as explored the best way to overcome those limitations based on our own experience as Dynamics NAV/365 BC upgrade center.
The webinar overviewed these topics:
1. How to prepare for an upgrade to Dynamics 365 BC (evaluation/analysis);
2. How to handle limitations during the process (Automations, File Management, .NET, etc.);
3. Best practice/case study;
4. Q&A.


Check the webinar recording.

Please find all questions and answers below

Q: Is upgrade 2009 to BC18 is a big chalenge?

A: Objects upgrade time depends on how heavily customized the database is. For data upgrade we are using path NAV 2009 -> NAV 2015 -> BC14 -> BC18 and the main challenge is to migrate custom data from BC14 C/AL to BC18 extensions as data migration of custom field and tables should be handled by SQL scripts which have to be written manually.


Q: How does the migration toolkit handle these limitations when migrating from an older database without extensions?

A: The main step where all limitations are handled is from BC14 C/AL to BC18 extensions. We are using SQL scripts to handle the migration of all custom fields and tables and also to handle the workarounds of all limitations where migrating data is required.


Q: In BC18 is possible to extend reports as you said, but if you need to change the layout, how do you do that?

A: We usually make all layout changes in BC14 C/AL version and then convert the layout using txt2al. After that, you just have to fill in the RDLCLayout property in ReportExtension objects that show the path of the report layout.


Q: How do you do a data upgrade from a NAV2017 to a BC SaaS version? Also with SQL Scripts?

A: Data migration from NAV 2017 to BC14 C/AL is handled using Microsoft upgrade toolkits as usual. The part from BC14 to BC18 on-prem is handled using Microsoft tools for Migrating standard tables and fields and SQL scripts for migrating custom tables and fields. The last part from BC18 on-prem to BC18 SaaS is handled by SaaS toolkits that are stored in Microsoft cloud and no manual work has to be done in this step regarding toolkits – you just run the data migration process straight from the SaaS environment.


If you have any unanswered questions, please contact us at [email protected].

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