Webinar video and Q&A: What’s new in Dynamics 365 BC version 18 by Stefano Demiliani

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Date: 8 Apr 2021

Thank you for attending our webinar: What’s new in Dynamics 365 BC version 18 by Stefano Demiliani

The webinar overviewed these practices and steps:

  1. What’s new for administrators,
  2. What’s new for the client and the application,
  3. What’s new for developers,
  4. Q&A session.


Check the webinar recording here.

Please find all questions and answers below

Q: Can you add a new field to the report layout with an extension or do you need to duplicate the layout?

A:  You need to create your own layout, report extension is related to the dataset of the report, and when you create a report extension it extends the report’s dataset not layout. The report layout is something different, that must be created by your own externally, but you inherits all the standard fields, global variables, dataitems and so on. Now you don’t duplicate the complete report, but the base code can be the same as Microsoft’s standard report code.


Q:  Can we now print barcodes on posted sales invoice layout?

A: Yes, barcodes means that you can now handle the barcodes natively. You can use them on all the reports you want, simply by calling the barcode provider interface fr so you don’t have them from AL.  When your report is published online, barcode rendering is natively handled by the platform.


Q: Is it possible to authorize the app without a user interface to get data from BC 18 using API Page?

A:  Not at the moment. MS starts deprecating Basic Authentication for SaaS (but still supported now) and the future is using OAuth2, but at the moment the service to service authentication flow is not currently supported. Microsoft is working on this.


Q: Can we also print QR Barcode?

A: No, Microsoft officially is not supporting this function at the moment. If you need QR Code, you should create your own solution.


Q: When you do a report extension and compile the app. The rdl. file it’s the same as the standard with new fields?

A: You need to create your own layout or duplicate it, or you will get an empty file.


Q: Do you have an idea if E-invoicing will be added in the future updates, If so, do you have an idea when this is planned?

A: There are some countries where e-invoicing is still supported by BC.


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