Upgrade to SaaS: Overcoming file management Limitations

Webinar Recording | Q&A

Thank you for attending our webinar: Upgrade to SaaS: Overcoming file management Limitations


Please find the uploaded webinar recording HERE.


The following topics were explored during the online webinar:

  • Universal Code Initiative
  • The limitations of Business Centrals’ cloud environment
  • File Management usage in NAV and BC On-Premise environments
  • Using streams and user input dialogs to replicate file read and write functionalities
  • Using BLOBstorages to simulate temporary file saving, archiving, reading
  • Accessing a cloud environment with the help of OAuth2.0 libraries
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SALT: free trial

Simplanova AL Tools (SALT) is a set of tools automating your object conversion after you use TxT2AL, it covers areas:

  • Code to Events;
  • Triggers. Modifications are automatically moved into AL triggers where possible;
  • TemBlob usage is refactored into using the dedicated Temp Blob codeunit;
  • Breaking Changes;
  • File Management issues;
  • Enums.


Free trial available in the coming month – up to March 17th. Limited for up to 5 seats on a first-come basis. To get a free trial contact directly by email at [email protected].


Public release will be available in May-June 2022.

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