Simplanova joined Equal Opportunity Wings organization

This October Simplanova joined the Equal Opportunity Wings organization to announce that our company declares equal opportunities in the workplace and creates a diverse and inclusive culture in our organization. We are proud that Simplanova has met the Equal Opportunity Wings standards and we had the opportunity to join it together with other companies. 

The initiative is promoted by the Office of the Equal Opportunities Ombudsperson in partnership with the Human Rights Monitoring Institute.

The maximum number of “wings” awarded is three, which signifies, that your organization not only successfully integrates equal opportunities in their culture but also actively promotes equal opportunities in the public domain. Equal Opportunity Wings is an acknowledgment of your organization’s achievements in mainstreaming equal opportunities in the workplace.

By getting two out of three wings, Simplanova declares:

  • the organization has a designated person or group of persons responsible for the implementation of equal opportunities;
  • the organization has integrated the principles of non-discrimination and equal opportunities into its internal policies and procedures;
  • the organization has implemented at least one equal opportunities initiative;
  • the organization presents itself publicly as an equal opportunities employer;