Report Region Format and Language in BC 23 reports finally changeable without Developer intervention

Did you notice? As of Dynamics 365 BC 23 reports now have new settings on the request page that can set the output to the desired Region Format and print the report in other languages!

BC 23 reports





















The new advanced functionality regarding BC 23 reports is designed to override default settings in my settings and customers’ settings. It means you can now print reports in any language (if you have it installed) and in any desired format. So, let’s take a quick look at it.

Regular quote base system settings:

BC 23 reports













Language: German (Germany)

Format region: Italian (Switzerland)

BC 23 reports















WOW! I know it is a strange combination; nevertheless, it is a superb outcome! And it works in RDLC and Word layouts!

For your consideration, this will work only if you do not specify a specific format for the field in RDLC. So, the RDLC field has to have a format set from the dataset.