Webinar Video and Q&A: How to Convert Automatically C/SIDE Reports to AL Reports

Justina Žiūraitė

Marketing Manager

Topic: Webinars

Date: 20 Sep 2019

Thank you for attending our webinar: How to Convert Automatically C/SIDE Reports to AL Reports.

During the live webinar, we have shared our experience on how to convert automatically C/SIDE Reports to AL Reports with Simplanova Report Converter.

The following topic has been explored during the online session:

  • Demonstration of how to convert C/SIDE reports to AL reports with Simplanova Report Converter automatically. We have converted the Classic NAV report to AL and published it in the Dynamics 365 Business Central Cloud version.

How to Convert Automatically C/SIDE Reports to AL Reports

Please find all questions and answers below

Q: Why are you not adding the ApplicationArea when converting the report?

A: We simply don’t know what are user preferences for application area property, at this time we are working with functionality that lets you set application area property manually.


Q: How to modify the layout of the converting report to AL?

A: You can simply modify it with a Report Builder or Visual Studio.


Q: Can Report Converter convert classic report from v5 from RDLC layout?

A: It can convert classic report only from 6.0 version, and it converts reports without RDLC layout.


Q: Does Report Converter works with processing only reports?

A: Yes, it works with processing only reports too.


Q: Does Reports Converter converts invoices with more than 1 page(page x/y, last page footer different than all the others, etc.)?

A: Tool converts reports with more than than one page, different last page footer and all other types of footers except trasfooters.



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