Webinar Video and Q&A: How to Convert Automatically Classic NAV Reports to AL

Justina Žiūraitė

Marketing Manager

Topic: Webinars

Date: 1 Aug 2019

Thank you for attending our webinar: How to Convert Automatically Classic NAV Reports to AL.

During the live webinar, we have shared our experience on how to convert automatically Classic NAV reports to AL with Simplanova Report Converter in seconds.

The following topics have been explored during the online session:

  • A review of the new features and changes in Simplanova Tools 2.07 version, including detailed updates of Report Converter;
  • Demonstration of how to convert C/SIDE reports to AL reports with Simplanova Report Converter automatically by converting Classic NAV report to AL and publish it in the Dynamics 365 Business Central Cloud version.

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Please find all questions and answers below

Q: Could you please give us access to the webinar at the end of this record?

A: You can find all the records of Simplanova webinars on our Youtube channel here.


Q: How can I get this tool?

A: First of all, we can arrange an online session with you, during which we could test a few reports. Afterward, we will give access to our FTP server, from which you will be able to download and install the tool. For more information directly contact [email protected]


Q: If we do not want to convert to AL, is it also working for the normal RDLC report?

A: Yes, definitely. You can convert the report either to RDLC or AL formats. Even if you decide to export the report to AL, RDLC package will still be inside.


Q: What is the cost of this tool?

A: Please write at [email protected] and we will be happy to share a price list with you.


Q: If you don’t use tool for a long time if the license will be valid?

A: The purchased points for this tool are valid for one year.


Q: Will it transform forms into pages as well?

A: At this time the tool is not converting forms into pages.


Q: The code in the sections is passed too to AL?

A: Code in the sections first transferred to CAL RDLC report after that we convert this report and all code goes to AL. So yes, sections code is transferred to AL.


Q: When we convert the report, is it necessary to upload all tables used in the classic report as well?

A: Yes, you need to upload all the tables, related to the report. It is important to mention, that you don’t need to upload these tables one by one, you can simply export everything in one file, and upload it on Report Converter.


Q: What is the end result after conversion?

A: If you are converting to AL, after conversion you will receive 3 files: .xml file as language file, .al file as a report, and .rdlc file as a layout.


Q: Will after Conversion the RDLC file can be editable again?

A: Yes, you can edit it either with Visual Studio or Report Builder.


Q: Does the tool support transheaders / transfooters?

A: It is not supporting transheaders/transfooters at the moment. If you want to have them, you need to do manual changes.


Q: Do you consume complexity points each time you convert the same report?

A: If you are going to convert the same report, that you have already converted before, it won’t deduct any points. Although, if you pick the report that you have already converted and would make any modifications to it, the system will deduct a point, and it will be counted as a new report.


Q: How much can the conversion cost, in terms of points? Is there any upper limit?

A: There are three complexities: one, two or four points. Simple reports like Chart of accounts take one point.
Two points are consumed by reports like a Sales Invoice. Finally, four points are for more difficult and complex reports comparing to Sales Invoice.

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