Flying without a Parachute? Contingency Plan for Microsoft Dynamics NAV Development

Recent thoughts by Elizabeth Holmes, CEO at Theranos, about contingency plan and its relation with believing in your business success have reminded a situation of flying without a parachute. The idea was described shortly in the picture below.

E-Holmes-Contingency Plan


No matter how inspiring it is, this thought might be questioned. As an example we will take the Dynamics NAV development process. How to manage this process properly? How to prevent Dynamics NAV development projects from failure?


With or without a contingency plan for Dynamics NAV development?

This situation of “living without a contingency plan” can be seen differently in these cases:

  1. Admitting that you will always succeed could lead to an even bigger failure due to unexpected changes in business. Therefore, admitting that there MAY be a failure is healthier for a business. Of course, if such recognition of possible failure would lead to having a back-up (or contingency) plan. Only then business would benefit from that admission. Flyvbjerg, Budzier in the “Why Your IT Project May Be Riskier than You Think” have analyzed 1,471 IT projects and found that 1 of 6 of the projects had a cost overrun of 200%, on average, and a schedule overrun of almost 70%. A high percentage of over-optimistic plans may cause customer dissatisfaction and failed projects. A contingency plan might help in this situation where unforeseen circumstances are planned and evaluated in advance. What kind of events should be addressed? Mostly Dynamics NAV development services and product issues, such as a huge order that requires reallocation of resources, or a service/product recall. These are a possibility that must be prepared for. A contingency plan for unexpected and urgent Microsoft Dynamics NAV development cases might help when partners experience a shortage of resources to proceed with the project or accomplish a project on time and on a budget.
  2. If we want to understand the quote above better, we should take another approach to the definition of success here. What does success mean in business? If we would define the term as “operating better than business would normally do (economically and operationally)”, “better than planned in a long-term without having a contingency plan”, then the minute you start making the plan can show that you feel a potential change in the market that may have a negative impact on your business. Given this situation, I would argue that contingency plan is an indicator of a decline in further success. A smart, economically and operationally sustainable contingency plan for your Dynamics NAV development can add to business success because it: prevents a project from failing, helps to keep customers’ trust in your company in tough situations. I don’t give a name to a contingency plan as a “plan to survive the unforeseen” but rather “a plan to manage the unforeseen circumstances properly”.  And business success is one of the unforeseen circumstances – it may come, it may not.
  3. On the other hand, there are successful businesses that have been built on the same notion as Elizabeth Holmes argues. Where “no contingency plan” means that you strongly believe in your business success. One of example is Theranos. The strong belief in your plan and strategy (without even considering a contingency plan) can impact a positive mindset of the sales people working in a company and this inspiration can potentially result in better sales for a company. Of  course, agreeing that all strategic plans run smoothly every day and all unexpected events are managed in a timely manner.

To summarize, which way do you choose: strong belief that you can fly smoothly even when the strong wind appears or planning for the worst, expecting the best? We are here to help if you chose the second. Simplanova’s Contingency plan for urgent and unexpected Microsoft Dynamics NAV development.


Why Simplanova’s Contingency plan for Microsoft Dynamics NAV development?

The Contingency Plan is Simplanova’s special plan for the unforeseen situation in Dynamics NAV development. It works as an insurance as Simplanova’s developers are on duty, prepared to help our Partners with support in the case of urgency and unexpected work overload.

Stay commited to your clients properly and prevent a project from failing.
Insure your customers’ projects – and their expectations for your company – twice as much. 

What will you get from Simplanova’s Contingency plan for Microsoft Dynamics NAV development?

After you analyze risks, determine the impact of risks, you can look at our Contingency Plan for Urgent Dynamics NAV development as an alternative.

We will help you to deal with unscheduled interruptions of critical functions successfully, in short period of time. You will get dedicated resources for Dynamics NAV development and guaranteed ability to start your projects urgently.
 By Vilija Buteniene, Simplanova Marketing Manager

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Still have questions how Simplanova’s Contingency Plan can help you with urgent Microsoft Dynamics NAV development? Let’s talk. Simplanova team, who is experienced in Microsoft Dynamics NAV development and upgrades, is here to help you. Write us at [email protected] or call us at +370 673 10712.