Webinar Video and Q&A: Case Study – Add-on upgrade to Business Central (Elbek & Vejrup vertical solution)

Monika Černiauskaitė

Marketing Manager

Topic: Webinars

Date: 9 Mar 2021

Thank you for attending our webinar: Case Study – Add-on Upgrade to Extensions in Dynamics 365 Business Central

The webinar overviewed these practices and steps:

  1. How to prepare for the upgrade to Dynamics 365 BC Extensions project: analysis, evaluation, final scope, and communication rule,
  2. What is important during a project: Tools/environment for upgrading the solution, Upgrade to the latest BC14 (C/AL), Upgrade to BC15/BC16 (AL), testing, issues;
  3. The best practice which was not mentioned;
  4. Feedback after delivery: Elbek & Vejrup;
  5. Q&A

Add-on upgrade to Business Central (Elbek & Vejrup vertical solution)

Please find all questions and answers below


Q: With regards to modifying the base app, do you generally do this as you are waiting for Microsoft to add event publishers, or are there other reasons for modifying the base app?

A: Suppose we can apply a reasonable workaround while moving custom code to extensions without modifying the base app. In that case, we will take this option. But if we cannot move custom code to extensions or the workaround is not acceptable to our client, we suggest keeping base app modification. Then we are sending a request for Microsoft to add a new event in the upcoming CU or release. With the upcoming upgrade, we’ll clean up base app modifications, and we’ll move custom code to extensions if events are available.



Q:  Are telemetry features available for OnPrem installs or for SaaS only?

A: They are available on both.



Q: What do you mean by “File management options”?

A: You can change your File management options by these cases :

  1. File management could be redesigned to make all of the file processing on the server-side;
  2. In many cases, it’s possible to find a solution while redesigning with functions that are still working in BC and get files on the client-side, but be careful because in this case, you need to deal with all of the browser limitations.
  3. In some cases, it’s possible to redesign file management in such a way, that files are being stored in BC tables.
  4. It’s also possible to do an integration with Azure blob storage
  5. This way is a little bit more complex, but you can also do an integration with OneDrive, Google Drive, or other similar platforms.


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