Chatbot for Business Central Support

Solution for saving Business Central Reseller time for functional support time.


Solution for saving Business Central Reseller time for functional support time.

The chatbot is provisioned per Dynamics Partner and can be accessed by all of their end-customers. Provisions of chatbot per end-customer are also possible. The goal of the chatbot is to be able to answer repetitive non-unique user inquiries. If the chatbot cannot answer a question, the question is logged and sent to the Partner‘s consultant or to the Partner‘s support system so that it can be either added to the chatbot later or answered by a customer as a standard support inquiry.

Why use BC Support Chatbot?

Save time on repetitive customer questions

Log customer requests and questions via chatbot

Get insights into where your customers struggle most – what training and documentation they need

Add your solution or customization FAQs to the bot for full knowledgebase in one place

Train chatbot from inside MS Teams

Enhance your customer support experience

Support Chatbot Features

  • Master QnA Knowledgebase available with each bot – chatbot answers questions covering all BC functional areas;
  • Custom Partner specific Knowledgebase with each bot – adding your knowledgebase covering customizations or add-ons;
  • Optional customer specific chatbot with customer unique knowledgebase;
  • Fully configurable chatbot with access level and admin function settings; email and issue logging settings; control what is shown for users;
  • Training chatbot with each user request;
  • Built on Microsoft Teams;
  • Connect your ticketing solution for issue logging.

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BC Support chatbot

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