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We have tried to answer the main questions we have received from our clients about Simplanova repord Designer.

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Dynamics NAV RDLC Report Designer

If you read this page probably you are familiar with Simplanova Report Designer – Dynamics NAV RDLC report builder tool. We have tried to answer the main questions we have received from our clients. If you have any additional questions and you do not see the answer here, please do not hesitate to contact our sales team directly by e-mail: [email protected]

1. Why do I need SRD?

Simplanova conducted a survey among 22 countries all over the world to find out what problems Microsoft partners face creating reports in Dynamics NAV. 74% of respondents are spending 0.5 – 4 hours to develop 1 list type report and 65% are spending 4 – 16 hours to develop 1 document type report. More than 50% of partners do not have a dedicated developer team for developing NAV reports. Simplanova Report Designer saves up to 92% time for RDLC report building.

2. What are the main SRD differences from other report building tools?

  • Native NAV Report Format (RDLC).
  • No early license fees for running the reports.
  • Reports can be simply moved to a solution which has not got SRD installed.
  • No external software needed. SRD main working environment is in one NAV page.
  • Simple and intuitive process as the original Classic approach.
  • Up to 92% time save for RDLC report building.
  • The best workflow features, used from all Dynamics NAV platforms.

3. Which NAV versions does SRD support?

SRD supports all versions of NAV from 2013 R2 to 2017.

4. Can I use SRD for NAV upgrades from Classic to RDLC?

No. For this type of task we have a separate Simplanova Report Converter Tool.

5. What is the price of SRD?

The pricing plans of SRD depends on the partner needs. To get the best personal price offer, please contact our sales team by e-mail [email protected].

6. How SRD is being licensed?

SRD can be licensed in two different ways. You can acquire an unlimited yearly license and create as many reports as you like for as many customers as you need. And the second way of licensing is based on a package of reports, where you would purchase a limited amount of reports, which would then be subtracted from your account for each new report that you develop.

7. Do I need to pay any license fee for the created reports?

No, you do not need to pay any license fees for the created reports. Created reports are in RDLC format and they are independent from SRD.

8. Does a client need a developer license in addition to SRD tool license to create the reports?

Yes. Dynamics NAV developer license is needed to use SRD. If you are an end user, please contact Your partner to have the possibility to use SRD tool, as Simplanova works only with Microsoft Partners.

9. What can I do with the SRD tool test licenses?

When you contact Simplanova sales team by email [email protected], You will get a link to download Simplanova test license and You will be able to create up to 5 reports.

10. How much time usually is spent to build document type reports in Dynamics NAV and in comparison, how much time is spent to build the same reports with SRD tool?

On average, it takes about 4 hours to develop a document report in Dynamics NAV. On the other hand, with Simplanova Report Designer it takes up to 30 minutes to create document type report.

11. Does Simplanova offer SRD trainings?

Yes, we do. Each customer, who buys SRD, receives the user manual free. In case it is not enough, Simplanova team offers a detailed SRD training course for our partners. You can choose the online course or at Simplanova or your own office. To get the offer for the SRD training course, please contact our sales team by e-mail: [email protected]

1. I am working with labels. Can I also make TextConstants?

Yes, you can add labels to the data set as well as TextContans in SRD Globals with your triggers and functions.

2. Can I set borders to the entire body of the report?

Yes, you can. Just create a new Body section with a blank Source (not linked to a data item). This will correspond to your Body section, add borders as usual. It is possible to do the same for Report Header and Report Footer. Just create these sections with a blank source.

3. Can I have multiple table rows in the body?

Yes. Each header, body and footer section corresponds in a Tablix row.

4. Can I translate the labels in different languages, depending on customer’s language?

Yes, you can have labels in multiple languages.

5. Can I open the created reports in NAV development environment afterwards?

Yes, you can open the report layout via Object Designer in Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

6. Can I build GET/SET Function within the tool?

Yes, you can, but you shouldn’t do that, because SRD generates these workarounds automatically, whenever you place textboxes in Report Header or Report Footer sections.

You can also use these functions directly in advanced expressions in your textbox sour =GetData, =SetData.

7. Can I make 2 footers and show only 1?

Yes, you can. This could be controlled by Visibility property.

8. Is it mandatory to use Simplanova server to build reports with SRD?

Yes, it is. But the reports you are building are stored in your development environment.

9. Does SRD has a possibility to set sorting?

Yes, you can set a sorting key in the DataItemTableView page.

10. After I make a report, export and change it, could I import it back and change again?

Yes, you can do that, but be aware, that we track report uniqueness, so if you export it and do some changes on another database, then import it back – it will be considered as a new object.

11. Is there a possibility to write C/AL code in SRD?

Yes. You can do it in Globals page and access triggers and functions there as well as variables.

12. My company has multiple developers and all of them work locally. Can they pass the SRD report between them?

No. A report is tracked as a unique object in a single database. All developers have to work on it in the same database.

13. Can You save as reports in PDF and print the report in SRD?

Yes, it is standard Dynamics NAV functionality.

14. Is it possible with SRD to add data, like barcode, which relies on .NET components?

Yes, it is possible.

15. Can I make additional coding while making the report with SRD tool?

Yes, you can modify standard report triggers and build Your own functions by writing C/AL code if You need.

16. Can we set conditions with SRD tool, to hide or display a field (or label) depending on the value of some fields?

Yes, you can. It’s pretty simple. It is done by setting the visibility property.

17. Can the reports built with SRD tool be sent to Excel like other RTLC reports?

Yes, SRD produces standard NAV reports and they support export to Excel.

18. Can I have possibility with SRD tool to group by selected fields with subtotals?

Yes, it is possible, you can define group totals, group headers and group footers by adding group fields into header and footer sections.

19. A lot of my customers ask me to make invoices with vertical lines to separate columns. How to solve this problem with SRD tool?

You can do that by adding borders to different text boxes with SRD tool. That is how you can get vertical lines.

20. Is it possible to edit Static -groups in wizard, for example changing the “Repeat on new page”?

Yes, you can use “Repeat on New Page” property on a section in report wizard to make a section static.

21. Can I use with SRD tool Virtual Table Integer support to create Integer Virtual Tables?

Yes, you can use Integers on your data items. We support most functions which are available in classic Dynamics NAV reports.

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