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Analysis and Evaluation – the first step for accelerating the transition to Business Central

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Achieve great results while migrating your clients to Dynamics 365 BC Extensions

Upgrading to BC and transforming your solutions to Extensions?

Experiencing difficulties with scoping the project? Unknown limitations appear during the project, or the price seems too high for the client?

Here are essential steps to overcome these objectives and achieve great results while migrating your clients to Dynamics 365 Business Central Extensions:

-Precise Scope/Evaluation;

-Deep Analysis;

Partners are usually struggling while evaluating and scoping the project because there are many differences between Dynamics NAV/ 365 Business Central solutions without extensions and Business Central with extensions. It’s also challenging to identify all limitations before the project, which causes many problems in later stages.

Let us accelerate your transition to Dynamics 365 BC Extensions!

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Why Dynamics Partners Choose Us?


Free project evaluation and 100% free warranty after a project is finished


Up to 95% of time saved on automated upgrades to RDLC/AL reports


Your Azure hosted solutions are running like a clockwork, monitored all the time


94% of our projects started within 1 month after agreement was signed

I am ready to accelerate! How to get free project Evaluation and Analysis?

  • For the right preparation, Simplanova will help you with accurate evaluation and analysis.

  • All you need is to share a .fob file with solution objects, and we’ll do all the job instead of you.

  • The precise fixed evaluation will show you how much time it will take to complete the whole project in a detailed way.

  • With our analysis’s help, you’ll see which objects/functionalities might cause you troubles during the project and can not be migrated as-is.

  • Simplanova’s team will explain how to deal with limitation, what are the workarounds, etc.

  • The final step would be to share all information with your client and clarify the project’s final scope.


We are here to help you, so don’t wait. It’s time to accelerate!

Free Dynamics 365 BC Upgrade to Extensions Analysis

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