RDLC Reports Training Course

Is your company facing a challenge to gain new competences in Microsoft Dynamics NAV upgrade projects and acquire new skills?


Is your company facing a challenge to gain new competences in Microsoft Dynamics NAV upgrade projects and acquire new skills? Do you want your team to attend RDLC reports training course and get their NAV skills to the next level? Simplanova offers Microsoft Dynamics NAV RDLC Reports Training course with workshop.

Dynamics NAV RDLC Reports Training Course information



Target audience:

Technical NAV developers


up to 5 days


In Partner Office/Online/In Simplanova office (Vilnius, Lithuania)

The training course is always adjusted according to individual partner requirements, professional experience and skills. We recommend to have a full 5 days training course with personal practice experience. Bellow we are providing the example of 2 days intensive RDLC Report Training course schedule. Do not hesitate to require personal proposal to your team.

Day 1.
1. Standard report 1001 “Inventory Valuation”

“RDLC layout basic”:
Defining report “DataSet”:
Understanding how data passed from database to layout by defined “DataSet”;
Special cases/issues/best practices.

  • Single/Multilanguage reports.
  • Sections code reimplementation rules/notes.
  • Additional “DataSet” columns (fields): passing or implementing properties values, global variables and etc (additional groupings, visibilities, filters, sorting).

– Defining report layout:
 Structure: report parts, elements, basic properties.
Understanding how to analyze “DataSet” and classic report sections to define report layout structure:

  • Page parts.
  • Layout elements with grouping and related properties.
  • Various layout element combinations and purposes.
  • Various additional properties to handle report layout data aggregation behavior.

Special cases/issues/best practices:

  • Layout creation workflow – basic rules of creating report layout by report type.
  • Critical setups.

– Testing report

2. Practice.
Create middle complexity list reports layout.

 Day 2:

1. Standard report 206 “Sales – Invoice”

– RDLC layout advance features:
RDLC layout advanced basics:

  • Custom coding (special functions for setting data to page header/footer), specific calculation functions and etc.).
  • Functionality to reset page number.
  • TransHeader/TransFooter.
  • RDLC layout advanced – dynamic features:
    • Page Header/Footer.
    • Page Break.
    • Dynamic properties for various purpose example: font (size, style and etc.), lines or text coloring and etc.

2. Practice.
Create one middle complexity document report layout.