Microsoft Dynamics NAV Add-in development

Simplanova provides a service of .NET Add-in development for Microsoft Partners.


Simplanova provides a service of .NET Add-in development for Microsoft Partners. We realize Partner’s needs in RTC environment and develop functionality which surpasses Microsoft Dynamics NAV capabilities to suite Partner’s business best.


The additional functionality is used to extend the capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics NAV well beyond and can also be used to develop non-standard user interfaces and broader functionality.

Common Dynamics NAV Add-in Development Cases

Still thinking how to implement certain functionality to your customers’ solutions? Already planned a Dynamics NAV add-in but haven’t started it yet? Here are common cases that Simplanova Partners may benefit from:

Extending Microsoft Dynamics NAV for Tablet

Showing a map next to the customer’s address

Loading content directly from a website

Drag and drop attachment of files or email messages to a document


How Simplanova Manages Processes of Dynamics NAV Add-in Development

Your company can reduce costs using our professional services and technical support.

  • Partner sends the specification and/or requirements of the add-in development project for our team to evaluate.
  • Our experienced .NET developers will evaluate Partner’s requirements and introduce the project assessment.
  • Simplanova schedules a team of developers and a project manager for the duration of the project.
  • We follow Microsoft guidelines to ensure the Dynamics NAV add-in works efficiently, is simple to maintain and adds value to the solution.
  • Simplanova’s developers carry out testing to ensure the additional functionality performs as planned and integrates with partner’s solution.
  • Partner will be provided with weekly updates on the project progress.
  • We deliver a FOB file, a built Dynamics NAV add-in library for NAV and the .NET solution for the add-in.
  • Simplanova starts technical support period for the Partner’s add-in, in case any inaccuracies would be noticed.
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How Partners May Benefit from Simplanova Dynamics NAV Add-in Development

Our developers are prepared to help Partners with solutions, based on recent and advanced technologies and interfaces, such as Microsoft Dynamics NAV for Tablet.


Partners are able to realize the benefits of Simplanova’s Dynamics NAV add-in development before signing an agreement. We offer a free Dynamics NAV add-in development assessment of Partners’ projects to realize the cost savings through the price of a project and time required. With the project assessment, it becomes easier to discuss the project performance and make a decision on development of additional functionality in your company.


Professional Dynamics NAV add-in development helps Partners produce consistently accurate results. We also offer a support period thereafter to ensure the Partner is satisfied with the deliverables of the additional project functionality.

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Add-in development:
Add-in development:

.NET Add-in development creates the additional functionality which extends Microsoft Dynamics NAV capabilities to suite Partner’s business best.

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