Continia Document Capture Implementation for Partners

When implementing Continia Document Capture, you as a Partner can occasionally use some extra expertise. Simplanova is an official Continia DC implementation partner – ready to help.


About Continia Document Capture Implementation Service

Who’s it for:


(for their customer Continia DC Implementations)


set after user checklist


Online (check availability for onsite training)

Why Us:

official and certified Continia DC implementors

Simplanova’s Continia Document Capture implementation service is designed for Dynamics Partners who are selling the add-on but struggle to find certified consultants, who want to focus on their activities or simply perform implementations rarely to maintain that competence in-house. We can participate in your projects on behalf of your company as well as in our own name.


Simplanova is an official Partner of Continia and our consultant is certified for Continia Document Capture implementations, ready to contribute to timely deliveries in your organization. Simplanova also understands Document Capture and can help you with extending and developing the solution with Simplanova’s BC development services.

Situations where we might help you:


  • Partner performing Continia Document Capture implementations rarely – expensive to keep competence in-house;
  • Partner doesn’t have enough consultant resources for timely deliveries;
  • Partner prefers not to have a Continia Document Capture consultant in-house;
  • Partner wants to have a better implementation proposal for your customers – someone doing it often may be faster in performing the work.


In any case – contact us using form below or give us a call – we’re ready to help!