Isatech Case Study: Simplanova Report Converter

Simplanova Report Converter helped Isatech to save about 1,5 work-day/per report load in comparison to creating RDLC reports manually.


CHALLENGE: For ongoing NAV projects to convert reports from Classic Dynamics NAV to RDLC format

Created in 1983, in Vannes (in Brittany, North-West France), Bureau 56 (Isatech’s first name) was originally a software and computing services company with just a few employees, specialized in industrial labeling equipment.

Isatech decided to embark on the creation of a management software program, developed inside the company, and then in the ’90s began ERP integration until the acquisition of Navision by Microsoft in 2002. This was a turning point for Isatech which chose to specialize in the integration of Microsoft solutions. 

For the Dynamics NAV Upgrade projects, Isatech was looking for a solution to convert reports from the Classic version to RDLC format. In 2020, Isatech did a lot of migrations for their clients from the Classic NAV versions to the newer versions of NAV and Dynamics 365 BC. The main requirement for the solution was, that the tool will build standard RDLC reports and save as much time per report for the client as possible.

SOLUTION: Simplanova Report Converter - the tool, which automatically converts classic NAV reports to RDLC format

For converting customer reports during the Dynamics NAV upgrade project, Isatech used Simplanova Report Converter, which converted classic NAV reports to RDLC.


Simplanova Report converter tool, I would say that it is, first of all, a big time-saver. The complex graphic level reports could take 1 to 2 days if we had to redo them entirely. The Simplanova tool allows us to do this in half a day (on average: compilation, tests, and small adjustments included).
It’s also very easy to use: you just have to install the tool, export the reports and tables they use in text format, and then import them into the tool. Then load the license and start the conversion.

Jean-Rene Rolland

Project Director, Isatech



Simplanova Report Converter saved Isatech  1,5 work-day/ per report load for a complex graphic level reports upgrade in comparison with building manual RDLC reports.


Webinar recording: How to convert Classic NAV report to RDLC and AL format, success story


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