GEMKO: Case Study. ProjectPro Add-on Upgrade

Fast and Flexible Dynamics NAV Upgrade Project Led to Continuous Add-on Upgrades

Challenge: To Make Add-on Upgrade to 7.00 R2 Efficient

GEMKO Information Group is a value-added reseller of business solutions to its local businesses and business around the globe. People in GEMKO are experts in simplifying business processes through technology, having worked in the field for more than 20 years. GEMKO is a leading solution provider in New York State – the home of GEMKO Information Group.


ProjectPro is a software solution for the construction industry and Project-oriented companies. It is fully integrated with Dynamics NAV, adding additional functionality such as Project Costing, Progress Billings, Change Orders, Subcontractors, Retention, Job Forecast to Completion and much more.


GEMKO had a need for their ProjectPro add-on to be upgraded to the latest Dynamics NAV version so that their customers could experience the benefits of the latest Microsoft’s technology. Therefore, GEMKO entrusted Simplanova, a company specializing in Dynamics NAV upgrades, to deliver their ProjectPro add-on upgrade from version 7.00 to 7.00 R2 in a most efficient way possible.

Solution: Automated Upgrade to Ensure Cost-Effective Project Delivery

“GEMKO selected Simplanova based on their extensive Dynamics NAV experience with upgrades”, – said Edward L.Williams, Sr. Dynamics NAV Consultant at Gemko.


The ProjectPro add-on upgrade was semi-automated using Simplanova’s upgrade tools and the results were reviewed afterwards to deliver the best result possible. All in all, no functionality was left behind and Simplanova was able to deliver the upgrade within the initial time-frame.


Simplanova provided a proposal that was easy to understand what they were proposing to deliver. GEMKO realized the benefits of a fair fixed price for NAV development delivered in short period of time as promised. Simplanova delivered quality NAV development and was quick to answer any support questions.

Edward L.Williams




Bigger Control of Project Deliverables and Timetables

After the project was finished, Simplanova started the 3 month support period for ProjectPro add-on upgrade project during which GEMKO was expected to test the solution. Simplanova connected GEMKO to the support system where GEMKO team was able to report all support issues. Simplanova reacted to these issues within 5 working hours and they were solved within 48 hours.


To summarize, “GEMKO experienced keeping our development team on schedule while meeting our deliverable goals by using Simplanova” (Edward L.Williams)


Due to a successful co-operation on the add-on upgrade project, Simplanova was chosen as a long-term partner for keeping the ProjectPro solution upgraded to the latest cumulative update of NAV. “Our Partnership with Simplanova enables us to keep our customer and client projects on-time while keeping our NAV Products current on the latest versions and available for sale. GEMKO would recommend Simplanova for their NAV Projects.”, – said Edward L.Williams. “We appreciate GEMKO’s trust in our company to deliver further upgrades for their ProjectPro solution. We are more than happy to see that the successful upgrade led to a continuous co-operation with GEMKO Information Group”, – said Petras Butenas, CEO of Simplanova.

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