Elbek & Vejrup case study : Add-on upgrade to extensions

The Simplanova team saved Elbek & Vejrup more than 5 months compared to if the project was done internally.

CHALLENGE: Lack of resources for the Add-on upgrade to extensions in Dynamics 365 Business Central

Elbek & Vejrup company operating in Denmark was established in 1996. Have more than 140 employees and have offices in 6 different locations. The main activity is consulting on business optimization based on standard software solutions, Microsoft products. Elbek & Vejrup is developing and implementing solutions in various industries for the private and public sectors as well. Have a lot of vertical solutions for the different industries.

Elbek & Vejrup, had a strict deadline for their add-on upgrade. Simplanova was chosen for the collaboration to help with the add-on upgrade. According Elbek & Vejrup inner calculations it could take around 6-8 months if they would do the project without external help.

The main priority was to save time and finish the project with a strict deadline, to use the spare time with their own internal development tasks.  The Simplanova team provided all data migration guidelines to help the Elbek & Vejrup migrate their customers’ data by themselves.

SOLUTION: Simplanova team performed Add-on upgrade to Extensions in 3 months

Simplanova‘s team splitted the upgrade into two parts. The first step was to move the solution to BC 14.00 version on C/AL and the second step was to move the solution from the latest BC 14.00 on-premise version to the BC target version (version 16.00, transformation to extensions).

It was the first upgrade project to Extensions for Elbek and Vejrup. It was important that it would be a huge success. Overall, you did a good job and it was a really fast track for us and I think if we would do this internally – we would spend like 6-8 months and I don’t know where we would find these resources. In this case, we would be able to focus on developing new cool stuff for our customers instead of doing an upgrade internally.
There will be 25 customers who will use this solution and Simplanova provided all data migration tool kits/guidelines on how to perform data migration and it’s great because it’s a technical thing and with all the guidelines we could migrate customers by ourselves.

Martin Melnikov Jorgensen

Senior developer, Elbek and Vejrup

Elbek and Vejrup


During the project, Elbek & Vejrup had a shared respiratory facility with the Simplanova team where they had access and had the possibility to check the progress of the development work.

Before starting the project it was estimated to be upgraded to BC 15.00 on-premise version but the upgrade project was evaluated when the client wanted to go straight to the newest BC 16.00 version because this version was released during the project. Simplanova was capable of estimating the new project scope during the project and delivering the newest version for the partner.

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