Elbek & Vejrup: Case Study. Dynamics NAV Reports Upgrade

Partnership with Professional Simplanova Team Helped in Critical Phase of Dynamics NAV Report Upgrade Project

Challenge: Reports Upgrade as a Critical Phase of the Project

Elbek & Vejrup integrate business solutions for businesses, the public sector and associations based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV. They provide both standard modules and custom developed solutions and has over the years built up an extensive knowledge of the workflows in a broad range of industries. The customer base includes more than 1,000 businesses and about every third Danish municipality.


In 2014, Elbek & Vejrup agreed to upgrade a solution from Dynamics NAV 4.0 to NAV 2013 R2 for a customer, operating in the food industry. The whole solution was highly modified, thus Elbek & Vejrup’s great expertise in the market and functionality was needed. Moreover, the project included termination of an external warehouse system and complete setup/functionality changes of Dynamics NAV 2013 WMS according to the customer’s needs. All parts of the project were being executed on schedule, but it was foreseen, that there was a shortage of time for the reporting which was a critical phase of the project. All the reports had to be finished on time and by developers who have specialized knowledge about reports in NAV 2013. At that moment, Elbek & Vejrup wasn’t able to find additional resources in-house. In this situation, Elbek & Vejrup was in an urgent need to find resources from outside of the company and be sure both companies’ visions of quality requirements, communication and style of project management match.


The aim of the project was to upgrade Dynamics NAV reports from version 4.00 to 2013 R2 precisely and on time.

Solution: Reports Upgrade on Time and Material Basis

Elbek & Vejrup has cooperated with Simplanova on other projects in the past. As the results have been satisfying, it was decided to rely on Simplanova as an external resource partner to carry out the reporting part of the project.


As the case wasn’t typical, parties decided to choose working on time and material basis. Elbek & Vejrup and Simplanova agreed on the following points to successfully deliver the reports upgrade:

  • Best practices and experience of Simplanova developers to ensure the reports follow the highest Elbek & Vejrup quality standards;
  • Automated tools to make reports’ upgrades faster and meet a project time limit;
  • As cooperating on time and material basis was chosen, quick response time became vital to ensure the project runs smoothly and every task fulfills the requirements for the schedule;
  • Reporting and delivering working reports for testing on a weekly basis.

Expert knowledge and extra resources in a critical phase of the project. <…> Without help from Simplanova we would not have been able to deliver on time.

Jesper L. Christiansen

Development Manager, Elbek & Vejrup

Elbek & Vejrup


Experience and Communication Led to Successful Delivery of the Upgrade Project

The partnership with Simplanova gave Elbek & Vejrup flexibility and broader knowledge base to successfully deliver the reports upgrade. Simplanova’s team has carried out objects’ technical upgrade and testing. It took 4 weeks to deliver the project. In urgency that this project required, it was crucial to find out Elbek & Vejrup’s needs immediately and be able to report frequently and get questions answered as soon as possible. Simplanova sent status updates to keep Elbek & Vejrup informed on every task made in order to ensure milestones of every project part are properly managed. Automated upgrade tools were used to transform reports faster and avoid human mistakes. Mr. Jesper L. Christiansen describes this part of the project delivery by Simplanova: “Very few errors, quick response time, easy and precise communication via Skype/mail and great support.”


Simplanova’s experience in reports upgrade and smooth communication enabled Elbek & Vejrup to deliver the project as planned and meet the customer’s expectations. Igne Butene, Project Manager at Simplanova, comments on the project: “It was very pleasant working with Jesper and Elbek & Vejrup as our team has felt as an extension to the in-house team. We got our questions answered promptly and could experience changes in the solution happening live.”


Would Jesper L. Christiansen recommend using Simplanova services? “Absolutely. As far as I know we have only great experiences with Simplanova and I would recommend your services without hesitation.”

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