Blisss Case Study: Clean-Start Upgrade

A satisfied customer who is now using the latest Dynamics 365 Business Central version on Cloud environment. The upgrade was delivered in a concise period with relatively low costs.

CHALLENGE: A lack of resources and time at Blisss to upgrade their client to the latest Business Central version on Cloud environment

Blisss: A software company based in the Netherlands implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and Dynamics NAV, Blisss is successful in various market segments such as wholesale and production.

“When there was willingness and momentum at the customer for an upgrade, the internal development team of Blisss was occupied with other tasks. Therefore, we looked for a partner who could help us at short notice doing an upgrade to the Cloud version of Dynamics 365 Business Central” (Bart Lammers, Consultant, Blisss).

SOLUTION: Simplanova Clean-Start Upgrade Service

After discussing with the customer, Simplanova Clean-Start Upgrade was chosen as the most appropriate solution because the customer did not rely much on customizations. They mostly use familiar objects and data. The internal development team could refactor missing objects to make it Cloud-ready by the time the database was upgraded to the Cloud version.


Clean-Start Upgrade generally includes full data and custom table migration. Other customizations can be refactored or migrated later. Blisss converted some small customizations from the old client to the new client. Also, reports (document layouts) were converted to the latest version.

BEST PRACTICES: Why Use Simplanova Clean-Start Upgrade Service?



Clean-Start Upgrade is a unique process automated service introduced to get your customers upgraded within the same month and keeping them on the current version. The service is designed for any type of Dynamics partner looking for a cost-effective way to upgrade their customers without investing in tools or processes or having to worry about any unexpected scope changes.




The price is also an important reason why Blisss is an enthusiast of Simplanova Clean-Start upgrades.

When Microsoft introduced events and extensions for customizations in newer versions, upgrading an old version to a newer version of Dynamics has become much more time and cost-consuming than before. Therefore, a Clean-Start is in most cases the best solution, in our opinion.

Bart Lammers

Consultant, Blisss




A Clean-Start is the fastest and cost-effective way to upgrade to the latest Dynamics 365 Business Central version.


After Simplanova delivered the upgrade project to Blisss, it took about three weeks to finish up all the work and to do additional development that the client could go live in their new Production environment.




Simplanova guarantees a free warranty after the project delivery. We appreciate that our partners trust in us and continue to work with us on new projects.

Simplanova and we have had a partnership for quite a long time. As we were satisfied with the effective work in previous upgrade projects, we have chosen Simplanova once again to continue the collaboration.

Bart Lammers

Consultant, Blisss




Everything you need to do – fill in the form with your customer Dynamics NAV/365 BC solution data, and you will receive the fixed price Proposal by email instantly.


Blisss also notes it was effortless to get a proposal online.


We are delighted with the Clean-Start Calculator. It is great that you get the proposal instantly, and therefore you do not have any delays, and you can act fast when an upgrade is requested.

Bart Lammers

Consultant, Blisss



A satisfied customer who is now using the latest BC version on the Cloud environment. The upgrade was delivered in a really short period with relatively low costs.


More about Simplanova Clean-Start Upgrade service you will find here.

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