• 89%

Up to 89% of time saved on upgrades to RDLC reports

  • 54%

Up to 54% of time saved on full upgrades

  • 100%

Absolutely free evaluation of the project and 100% free support after a project is finished

  • 94%

94% of our Dynamics partners’ projects have been started within 1 month after an agreement was signed


Our Approach


We Understand You

At Simplanova we value honest, respectful, yet simple communication. We think that a short chat, an extra email can make a big difference even when there is a tight schedule.
We think that the true partnership is when you share your success and help the partner overcome obstacles in a simple, professional and painless manner.


We Provide You

We provide a variety of services by having talented and dedicated employees. Simplanova’s team is well educated and our approach is to help everyone become a valued specialist by getting the right certification and choosing the right career path.
We think that independence, striving for knowledge, high involvement are very important to stimulate leadership and inspire talents. Simplanova provides partners with a project-oriented, zero-maintenance, high value-adding team of professionals.


We Create

At Simplanova we strongly encourage innovation. Constant improvement of the overall processes helps us achieve high quality and performance and leaves us more time to develop, innovate and simplify work for our clients.
Currently Simplanova is spending significant effort in automating Microsoft Dynamics NAV upgrade. The target is to minimize the effort in most time-consuming activities like RDLC report, dataport, matrix form conversion and code-merging in Dynamics NAV upgrade.


We Work Hand in Hand

We help our partners to concentrate where they are good at. At Simplanova we pay a big attention to partners’ business values, vision, strategy in order to smoothly incorporate our services, align processes and to communicate effectively.
Simplanova’s project managers are attentive to the needs and requirements of our clients.


We Grow Together

At Simplanova we appreciate the sustainable long-term partnership that mutually adds more value and encourages to achieve synergy between both partners. We help our partners succeed by providing real and measurable business value. Our attitude towards great and value-added services makes Simplanova open to collaboration and improvement, sustainable growth-oriented and curious on field innovations.