Simplanova Report Wizard – Dynamics NAV RDLC report designer

The biggest challenge for developers is to make the NAV RDLC reports process quick and easy. Simplanova Report Wizard delivers what developers are dreaming about. RDLC report designer – just in one NAV page. Forget Visual Studio!

Simplanova has used its long expertise in creating and customizing NAV reports to develop Simplanova Report Wizard. By using this tool, developers are able to develop RDLC reports in RTC client without using any external software. The tool helps reduce the time spent on repetitive tasks and eliminate the risk of human error.

You will no longer need specialist skills to design reports. Instead, you are able to develop customized RDLC reports quickly and easily with a process that is as simple and intuitive as the original Classic approach.


Why Simplanova Report Wizard?

RDLC format

Native NAV Report Format (RDLC)

No yearly license fees

No yearly license fees for running the reports

No need to have SRW installed

Reports can be simply moved to a solution which has not got SRW installed

SRW works in one NAV page

No external software needed. SRW main working environment is in one NAV page

Simple process

Simple and intuitive process as the original Classic approach

Simple process

Up to 92% time save for RDLC report building

Best workflow features

The best workflow features, used from all Dynamics NAV platforms


What Our Customers Say

“I liked that SRW doesn’t require the client to purchase anything additional. Once the reports are created, they can be modified by the client using the standard RDLC tools or they can be modified by the consultant using the Simplanova Report Wizard.”

- Mark Keener The NBN Group, LLC consultant, implementer and developer


Dynamics Partners Need a Solution

Simplanova conducted a survey among 22 countries all over the world to find out what problems Microsoft partners face creating reports in NAV. 74% of respondents are spending 0.5 – 4 hours to develop 1 list type report and 65% are spending 4 – 16 hours to develop 1 document type report. More than 50% of partners do not have a dedicated developer team for developing NAV reports, but using Simplanova Report Wizard you do not need to have a dedicated team. Simplanova Report Wizard saves up to 83% time for RDLC report building. Our tool is simple and intuitive to use and does not require any special expertise for special software skills. Simplanova Report Wizard meets the NAV market needs and solves many problems developers have now.


How Simplanova Report Wizard Works

The best way to see how Simplanova Report Wizard works is to watch the demo video.


We are providing some screenshots from Simplanova Report Wizard Dynamics NAV RDLC report designer to get you better impression about our tool. Please click on the screenshot to see the bigger view.

#1 DataSet editor



#2 Layout editor


#3 Preview


#4 Code Editor. Functions and triggers.